Best 4G Mobile Phones Under Rs 10000

This year with the launch of Jio network, 4G has been in craze now. 4G is the 4th generation of the mobile telecommunication technology. Today, most of the smart phones are coming in the market with 4G network technology, but some of them are priced higher. So, today I am listing the best 4G mobile […] Read More

Get Price Alerts When Price Drops

Ever wanted to buy something for a festive season? Keeping an eye on prices is a hefty task. In this post I will bring you few websites. These websites will help you track prices of products you want to buy. Most of the times I set a budget for a product in my wish list. […] Read More

Whatsapp Launches Status Feature – An Encrypted Newsfeed

The very famous and widely used messaging application whatsapp has recently launched its new ‘Status’ feature. This is the biggest change introduced since facebook has acquired the whatsapp. The news regarding the launch of this new feature has been announced by Facebook’s co-founder Jan Koum. He wrote : “We are excited to announce that, coinciding […] Read More

Set Any Song as Ringtone on iPhone without iTunes or Computer

Ringtones are the coolest things, right? Yes, we all love ringtones. While setting a ringtone on your phone seems pretty easy but it is not the same with iphone users. Setting a ringtone for iphone users is a hassle. Apple defines its own set of policies, and the users has to comply with their terms. […] Read More

Encrypt Folders With Password in Mac

Do you have confidential data stored in your mac? Do you want it to be secured and safe from others accessing your mac? Then today we bring you a post on how to encrypt your folders in your mac. These days, where security is the major concern, it has become important to be careful about […] Read More

Whatsapp Update – Tag Feature In Group Chat

It is known to all that whatsapp keeps updating bits and pieces to its current version. In the last update, it has introduced the feature of quoting text in a conversation. To quote a message in a chat, just press and hold a message and click reply to quote that text. Also, whatsapp has increased […] Read More

Reveal Password Behind Asteriks in Any Browser

On most of the websites we visit frequently, we enable the autofill password to remember the logins. This is to avoid the password to be seen by straying eyes or what we call it as Shoulder Sniffing. Most of the time what happens is when you auto save a password you never fill it, it […] Read More

Whatsapp Update – Bold, Italic and Strikethrough Formatting

We have to now admit that whatsapp is taking all the moves to stay alive and is going to become a part of our lives in communicating with friends and family. The facebook owned company is releasing more and more interesting updates for whatsapp to make sure users are engaged in the app. Millions of […] Read More

Change Location of Screenshots on Mac

Do you take screenshots on your mac very often? Then this post will be very helpful for you. The default location to save the screenshots using the keys Command + Shift + 3 in the mac is Desktop. Every time you save the screenshot, the file is saved on the desktop. And if you do […] Read More

How To Take Screenshots in Mac OS

Screenshots are helpful in a number of ways. May it be taking a snap of a funny conversation, sharing your screen to someone with an image, sharing your high score from a game, or showing an error message by capturing the window in an application, screenshots are an ideal way to show someone what your […] Read More