Android Device Manager – Lock & Wipe Phone Remotely

In August 2013, Google had introduced a new service for Android. It was Android Device Manager(ADM). At first, It was only for Android 2.2 Froyo. Later on Google quietly pushed this service in all the android devices running Android 2.2 Froyo and up. For those who are not aware of ADM, let me first tell you what the ADM can do and how it can be useful to you. With this service, you can remotely lock your android phone or wipe data or even find its location.

Requirements to use Android Device Manager :

1. Android Device

2. Google Account

3. A Computer with Internet Access

Features of Android Device Manager :

There are four major functions in ADM. Ring, Lock, Erase and Location Tracking.

The Ring function will remotely play your android phone’s default ringtone with full volume for 5 minutes. And the good thing is that even if your phone is in vibration or in full silent mode, you can use this option to ring your phone. When your mobile is stolen or has fall somewhere without your notice, then you can use this option.

The Lock option can remotely lock your phone by setting up a new password for your android device. For this thing to work, you must give ADM special permission on your Android Device. You must enable Device Administrators ( I will show in screenshots how to do this )

Erase option is very useful as it can prevent the thief from accessing our personal and sensitive information. You can remotely wipe off all the data on phone. Unfortunately you cannot wipe data present on memory card or SD card. Also keep in mind that once you use this option you won’t be able to use Location tracking remotely, because after wiping the data, your android device will be restored to factory settings. And by default GPS, Wifi, Data Connections are off.

The Location Tracking feature is the most powerful of all the ADM functions. But this function can be only used if your phone is connected to internet or has wifi connection when it is stolen. Also the GPS should be enable to track the location. So to be safe, always keep your GPS on when you plan to go in an area where you are afraid that you may lose your phone. So to track the location you must have internet access and GPS on.

Below I will show you how you can Set Up Android Device Manager on your android phone.

Step 1 : Go to your phone’s Settings and Go to Security

Step 2 : Then Open Device Administrators

Android Device Manager
Android Device Manager

Step 3 : Now Tick Android Device Manager

Step 4 : You will be asked to Activate Android Device Manager. Press Activate

Android Device Manager
Android Device Manager

Now we need to enable GPS to make sure location tracking works in Android Device Manager

Step 5 : Go to Phone’s Settings. Now Press Location Services

Step 6 : Now tick the Google’s Location Service option

Android Device Manager
Android Device Manager

Now that you have enabled GPS, Now its time to activate Android Device Manager .

Step 7 : Go to Google Settings (if exists)

Step 8 : Select Android Device Manager

Step 9 : Mark All the options you need

Android Device Manager
Android Device Manager

Now its time to use Android Device Manager on your computer.

Step 10 : Visit this Link :

If you have registered on google play, then your device will be listed. If not you can add it manually. You can see various options of Android Device Manager.

Android Device Manager
Android Device Manager

With these 10 simple steps we have successfully activated android device manager.

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