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Best Alarm App – Alarmy (Sleep If You Can)

Do you have the habit of snoozing your alarm when it rings? Do you go back to bed turning off your alarm? Then we got an app for you which is best when it comes to waking you up from your bed. I have tried tons of apps but I ended up snoozing the alarm

Drippler – Get Tips & Tricks For Only Your Phone

Do you want to get the latest updates of your phone? Do you spend your day searching for new tips and tricks for your phone model? Now you don’t need to do that. Drippler will do it all for you. It is a very overwhelming process to daily search for any news and update for

Tasker – Turn Your Smartphone Into A Genius Phone

There are so many applications on Google Play Store that are simply a must haves on any android phone and tasker is one of them. What is Tasker? Tasker is an android application that automates almost everything you can think of on your android by performing tasks (set of actions) based on the contexts (application,

Wakie – Let Strangers Wake You Up in Morning

Are you bored of the blaring noise of the traditional alarm clock on your phone? Do you hate the routine alarm ringtone that wakes you up in the morning? People abuse the snooze button on the alarm which again puts you in the bed and you never wake up in the morning on time. If

SuperBeam – Fast File Sharing Between Android Phones

Are you bugged up with slow Bluetooth transfer speeds? If yes then today I will tell you about an amazing android application which transfers files between android devices with blazing fast speeds. There may be lot of file sharing applications but none of them can beat SuperBeam. There may be also many options to share

Set Time As Your Unlock Pin in Android

There are thousands of apps available on Google Play Store. Every day a number of apps are developed. Technology is getting advanced and android apps are making the smart phones even more smarter. One of them is TimePin. Have you ever thought of setting your android unlock pin in a different way. Imagine that if

Create Fake Conversation in Android

Today, apps like Facebook, WhatsApp has became a part of our daily life. We spend most of the time chatting with our friends on facebook, whatsapp and SMS. On an average, people spend 3 to 4 hours of their time on messengers chatting with their friend. Ok, now coming to the naughty side. Have you

Send Any File Type in WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp is a very popular mobile messaging app available for google android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, Nokia Series 40, Symbian 60, Windows Phone. In addition to sending text messages over internet, it also allows users to share and send Images, Audios and Videos with each other. But it has certain limitations : – It allows users

Display Lyrics While Playing Songs In Android

Do you want to play lyrics while playing a song on your mobile? The standard music player that comes with the android has only few capabilities. Today I will tell you about a music application for android which displays lyrics while playing the song on your mobile. This application not only displays lyrics for english