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Inbox vs Gmail? Which is Better?

If you have a gmail account, then most probably till now you might be using the Gmail app or the stock application that comes with your android. Google has come up with a new email application called as Inbox. It has got some new features which were missing in Gmail app. But still there arises

How to Find If Someone is Spying on Your Phone

Now a days mobile phones comes with powerful hardware and software. This is the reason most of the people don’t use computers much and make all their work through smartphone. For example, I manage my website, check analytics, read emails (gmail,yahoo), create spreadsheets, design presentations, post on facebook, edit my photos, trim my videos, use

20 Tips To Save Battery In Android

I got a Micromax Canvas 2 last year, and from then I am a loyal fan of android operating system and its interface. I start my day at 9 AM in morning with full charge and in starting I found that the battery drains completely by the end of the day. I use to keep

Restart Your Friends Phone – MediaTek SMS Bug

In today’s generation, as we are approaching towards more secure and reliable ways of communication in the field of technology, we daily come across new bugs and issues in smartphones and computers. Some or the other day developers and programmers around the world find out some security flaws and bugs in mobile devices and computers.

How to Hide Files and Folders in Android

Today Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. We seriously cannot live without them for a single day. These devices are not just used for making calls and sending messages. They are also used for entertainment. Mobile phones have also became as a storage device, where we can store our files like

Create Fake Conversation in Android

Today, apps like Facebook, WhatsApp has became a part of our daily life. We spend most of the time chatting with our friends on facebook, whatsapp and SMS. On an average, people spend 3 to 4 hours of their time on messengers chatting with their friend. Ok, now coming to the naughty side. Have you

Prevent Auto Creation of App Shortcuts in Android

If you have updated your Play Store to a latest version on your android device, then you might have noticed that each time you install a new application from android play store, a new shortcut icon of that application is created on home screen. Few days back, I have hard reset my android device. I

Download APK Files From Google Play Store

Google Play Store, formerly known as Android Market is a platform for applications for the Android Operating System. In Google Play Store you can find Android Applications, Music, Books, Magazines, Television Programs and Movies. You can even purchase hardware such as Chromebooks, Google Nexus Mobile Phones and other accessories from Play Store. The Applications found

Android Device Manager – Lock & Wipe Phone Remotely

In August 2013, Google had introduced a new service for Android. It was Android Device Manager(ADM). At first, It was only for Android 2.2 Froyo. Later on Google quietly pushed this service in all the android devices running Android 2.2 Froyo and up. For those who are not aware of ADM, let me first tell

Reset Forgotten Android Pattern Lock

Today I will show you how you can reset a forgotten Android Pattern Lock if you forgot it. Almost All the smartphones provide an option to lock your phone with pattern lock, password, pin, etc. Pattern Lock is a user interface in smartphone which provides security for users to lock their phone using some user