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Reveal Password Behind Asteriks in Any Browser

On most of the websites we visit frequently, we enable the autofill password to remember the logins. This is to avoid the password to be seen by straying eyes or what we call it as Shoulder Sniffing. Most of the time what happens is when you auto save a password you never fill it, it

Use Any Web Browser As Text Editor

My Last post was on How to send Password Protected Emails. Now I am showing you a very simple trick. Not so popular but most of the people don’t know this trick. Using this trick, you can use any Web Browser as a text editor. I am not going to present any online text editor.

View Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

In the previous post, I told you the trick to view saved passwords in firefox. Now its time to learn the same trick in Google Chrome browser. Today I will show how you can view stored passwords in Google Chrome. This type of tricks can be very handy if you get your hands on your

View Saved Passwords in Firefox

This is my first post on this website. Today I will show you how you can view saved passwords in firefox browser. This trick is not about knowing passwords of any account or any person. This trick will only view those passwords which are saved on the browser of the computer. For example if your