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Inbox vs Gmail? Which is Better?

If you have a gmail account, then most probably till now you might be using the Gmail app or the stock application that comes with your android. Google has come up with a new email application called as Inbox. It has got some new features which were missing in Gmail app. But still there arises

Track Webpage Changes And Get Email Alerts

Do you want to monitor a web page and track its changes? Do you want to be notified when content of a web page changes? There are many ways to attain this. There are subscription facilities on almost all websites to notify you when new posts are made. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds

Send Password Protected Emails

Nearly After a week, I am back with some more tricks. After posting How to find Balance of any BSNL number, Today my post will be on How to send password protected email messages. Sometimes you may want to send private email messages which might be very confidential like sending credit card numbers and bank

How to Verify if an Email is Real or Fake?

In my previous post, I told you how to send email from any email address to anyone. I also promised in my last post that I will also write on how to verify whether an email is real or fake. So today I will show you the method to verify this. I cannot tell that