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Facebook Update – Set Video as Profile Picture

Too keep its social network lively, facebook keeps on introducing new features for its users. The last major update was temporary profile picture option, where users would be able to set any image as their profile picture for a specified time. After the specified time, it revert backs to the previous profile picture. This comes

Prevent Unwanted Tagging of Facebook Photos

Are you tired of your friends tagging you in unwanted photos on Facebook. Tagging Photos on Facebook may be fun, but when someone tags you in their photos just to get their photos on your wall so that your friends can also notice their images, then it becomes very annoying. When you have so many

Redirect Someone To Their Own Facebook Profile

Facebook is the most popular social networking website. If you are a regular Facebook user then you might know some basic tips and tricks related to Facebook. Today I am going to tell you an interesting trick by which you can surprise your Friends. This trick is not known to most of the users, as

Make Nameless Facebook Page

Are you a facebook addict? How many facebook pages do you have? Facebook is a very popular and the mostly used social networking website. It is a social network that connects people all around the world. There are many tricks related to facebook. Today I am going to share a trick by which you can

Download All Photos/Videos of any Album in ZIP/PDF

Today Social Networking sites like facebook, have become a part of our life. People share their views and happenings of their daily life. Most of them upload photos and videos to show their activities with the world. You might have uploaded hundreds of photos and videos. There may be times when you want to download

Automatically Wish Birthdays on Facebook

Do you sometimes miss your friends birthday and forget to wish him on facebook? Often we forget someone’s birthday and could not wish them by calling them or sending message. Friends play an important part in your life. I am not going to give a lecture about friends and their importance. But it is always

Post Colorful Text In Your Chat Box

Are you bored of typing the normal text in your chat boxes? Do you want to try something new? Then here is a cool trick to surprise your friends by sending amazing colorful words in their chat box.  Normally the text is displayed in plain black color. But with this trick you can write text