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Get Price Alerts When Price Drops

Ever wanted to buy something for a festive season? Keeping an eye on prices is a hefty task. In this post I will bring you few websites. These websites will help you track prices of products you want to buy. Most of the times I set a budget for a product in my wish list.

Advanced Operators For Google Search

Today Google is the top search engine of the internet. It has got more than 89% market share. Most of the internet users prefer Google as their favorite search engine. It provides many features and options to search on the web. It has got many operators that can be used to search to get required

Compress Images Without Losing Quality

There are many image formats available today. The commonly used image formats are JPEG, GIF, and PNG. We also know the use of each format. JPEG image files are used for high resolution images. GIF image format is generally used for animated images. PNG images are transparent images and they are loseless. Hence they can

Download Torrent Files Without Torrent Client

Do you know that you can download torrent files without the need of torrent client? Do you know that you can download the torrent files using Internet Download Manager (IDM) or your favorite download manager? Yes there are some online services which let you do this. I saw around five to six online services which

Get Someone’s IP Address With a Single Click

There may come some situations where you may want to know someone’s IP address. By knowing someone’s IP address you can trace his location. In this post we are going to learn how to know IP address of someone with just a simple website click. For Example someone is sending you emails, or someone is