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Encrypt Folders With Password in Mac

Do you have confidential data stored in your mac? Do you want it to be secured and safe from others accessing your mac? Then today we bring you a post on how to encrypt your folders in your mac. These days, where security is the major concern, it has become important to be careful about

Change Location of Screenshots on Mac

Do you take screenshots on your mac very often? Then this post will be very helpful for you. The default location to save the screenshots using the keys Command + Shift + 3 in the mac is Desktop. Every time you save the screenshot, the file is saved on the desktop. And if you do

How To Take Screenshots in Mac OS

Screenshots are helpful in a number of ways. May it be taking a snap of a funny conversation, sharing your screen to someone with an image, sharing your high score from a game, or showing an error message by capturing the window in an application, screenshots are an ideal way to show someone what your