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GB Whatsapp – Advanced Whatsapp Tricks

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging platform of today. It has got many features to make your chatting experience convenient. But the official whatsapp has many restrictions. Below are some of the many restrictions of official whatsapp. Restrictions on Official Whatsapp : You cannot send more than 10 images at a time. Sending a video

Whatsapp Launches Status Feature – An Encrypted Newsfeed

The very famous and widely used messaging application whatsapp has recently launched its new ‘Status’ feature. This is the biggest change introduced since facebook has acquired the whatsapp. The news regarding the launch of this new feature has been announced by Facebook’s co-founder Jan Koum. He wrote : “We are excited to announce that, coinciding

Whatsapp Update – Tag Feature In Group Chat

It is known to all that whatsapp keeps updating bits and pieces to its current version. In the last update, it has introduced the feature of quoting text in a conversation. To quote a message in a chat, just press and hold a message and click reply to quote that text. Also, whatsapp has increased

Whatsapp Update – Bold, Italic and Strikethrough Formatting

We have to now admit that whatsapp is taking all the moves to stay alive and is going to become a part of our lives in communicating with friends and family. The facebook owned company is releasing more and more interesting updates for whatsapp to make sure users are engaged in the app. Millions of

Whatsapp Update – Star Messages, Google Drive Backup

Whatsapp has becoming very popular day by day and with its new feature its attracting more and more people. Every few weeks whatsapp updates its app with a new feature which helps a lot in improving the messaging experience. Read the complete post to view the detailed news on features of latest whatsapp update. With

Whatsapp Launched Voice Calling Feature

As I have told in my previous posts, that whatsapp is the only messaging platform which is growing very rapidly and is very popular among the users. It is the current most widely used messaging application. Since the time facebook acquired whatsapp, every few weeks new features are launched by them to make users get

Whatsapp Now Available on Web

Every few weeks, whatsapp is updating its messenger with tiny updates. The last update it made was the launch of blue ticks, which allows users to know when their message has been read by their recipients. This time, it came up with a new update. Whatsapp is now available on web. Means, you can use

Send Blank Message On WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app today. It is used by millions of people daily. It has got so many features and whatsapp is regularly introducing many features. Recently they introduced the blue ticks feature where users would be able to know whether the sent message has been read by the recipient or not.

Backup and Restore WhatsApp Messages

For some people, keeping records of calls, sms and other chat conversations is very important. Even I record my calls, take backups of sms messages and chat conversations so that I can read them later or just to check back when its really needed. As we all know that whatsapp is the most widely used

Privacy Feature Added in WhatsApp

You might have probably heard the news of facebook acquiring whatsapp for a huge sum of 19 Billion Dollars. WhatsApp is a very popular and widely used social messaging application for android, windows and iOS. Previously, users were not satisfied with the privacy in whatsapp usage. It use to show the last seen timestamp to