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Why Macs are better than Windows PC?

Before I Start with this post, let me make two things very clear. Firstly, the comparison I am going to make here is not between the Mac OS and Windows OS. This post is the comparison between an Apple Mac Laptop/Computers and normal Windows Laptops/Computers (like HP, Dell, Sony, Lenovo, etc). Secondly, I have no

Paste Multiple Predefined Copied Text

I have always wondered if I can have a set of shortcuts that can copy a predefined text and paste them when required. I work on software where I have around 10 to 15 text lines which I frequently use. It becomes a very tiresome job to type them every time. It consumes time. Example

Disable Unwanted Services to Make Windows Faster

When windows boots up, there are a lot of services which gets turned on automatically. While some of them are useful for proper functioning of windows, remaining are unwanted and effects your computers performance. You can improve windows performance by turning them off. It is very logical. The less number of services running on your

Access Files and Folders From Taskbar

Today I will show you a very small but an interesting and useful tip in windows. This tip will make your work a bit easier. I spend most of my time in browsing on my computer and the rest of the time when I feel bored, I just navigate to all my drives and browse

Create One Click Shutdown Shortcuts

In Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, the process of shutdown is quite simple. But in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, it requires you few extra clicks. But have you ever wondered if you could shutdown your computer in just one click? So, today we will create one click shutdown shortcuts so that you can

Easily Backup Registry in Windows

Do you love tweaking windows? Do you use Registry Editor to perform tweak on your windows? If yes, then this post is going to be helpful for you in some or the other way. For those who do not know much about Registry Editor, let me introduce you to this great in-built tool of windows.

Hide Partitions In Windows Using Command Prompt

There may be times when you want to hide your partitions, secret files or documents from others. Hiding a partition is a good idea when you want to prevent others to access your folders in a particular drive. You may search on internet, how to hide partitions. In this process you will find hundred of

Find Windows Installation Date

Do you want to know when your windows was installed on your computer. Yes you can do this with the help of command prompt. MSCONFIG is a command in windows that gives you details about your operating system, hardware configurations, Network Adapters, information about RAM, Disk Spaces and IP address. By using this command and

Problems With Uninstalling A Program

This is an immediate post after I experienced a problem last night. I have installed Tuneup Utilities yesterday, and applied crack. But it didn’t work. I replaced some of the files by mistake. The Uninstaller of that program was deleted and due to this I was unable to uninstall the program. I deleted the complete