Participate in Contest and Win Prizes like Paytm Balance, Product Giveaways, Paypal Money Transfer, Premium Content Giveaway and many more.

Starting from today, we will be introducing contest on our website. Users will get prizes in the form of Paytm Balance (Indian Users), Money in Paypal (Countries other than India). We will be starting the contests with low prize money in the beginning but every month we will be increasing the prize money and contest frequency. Currently we are planned to run at least one or maximum two contest per month. Very soon, we will be running contest every week and prize money will increase. Also, in future we will be awarding product giveaways. Generally, the contest will be held on first and third Sunday of every month and will run till second Sunday. Winners will be announced on Monday (the day after the contest ends). Prizes will be sent the next day after the announcement of winners.

Contest has closed. Next contest will be posted very soon. Winners are displayed on winners tab.

First Winner : Rs.100 Paytm Balance

Second Winner : Rs.50 Paytm Balance

Third Winner : Rs.30 Paytm Balance

Fourth Winner : Rs.20 Paytm Balance

1. Participants should complete all the steps to be eligible for the contest.

2. User can participate only once per contest. IP tracking and other methods of tracking is done for duplicate participants. If found participated more than once per contest, then they will be blocked for future contests.

3. Currently the contest is for Indian Users. Very soon we will post contests for users from other countries. Equivalent amount will be sent to their paypal account.

4. Users will be contacted through email for any details if required for sending prize (phone number, address).

7. It is mandatory for the winners to share about their winning amount on their Facebook account to show that this contest is genuine. Further Instructions will be given to the winner once he/she wins the contest.

8. By entering in to the contest, you agree that your name and email will be stored with us for future reference.

1st Prize (Rs.100 Paytm Balance) : Dhanunjay Mishra (Uttar Pradesh)

2nd Prize (Rs.50 Paytm Balance) : Naveen Kumar (Telangana)

3rd Prize (Rs.30 Paytm Balance) : Sushma Arora (Delhi)

4th Prize (Rs.20 Paytm Balance) : Sunil Rao (Mumbai)

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