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Tasker – Turn Your Smartphone Into A Genius Phone

Automation has become very popular in almost every field of technology. Smartphones are very smart and can perform various tasks in an intelligent way. But there are few apps which can make your smartphones even more smarter. Tasker is one such app which turns your smartphone into a genius phone.

What is Tasker?

Tasker is an android application that automates almost everything you can think of on your android by performing tasks (set of actions) based on the contexts (application, time, date, event, state) . It is like a programming tool but with a GUI interface. So, you don’t need to be a coder to use this.

What Tasker can do?

Tasker can automate anything from simple tasks like launching applications to complex tasks like sending mails, scheduling SMS etc. Sky is the limit for using tasker’s amazing capabilities. Tasker can be used as an anti theft tool, SMS scheduler, alarm, wallpaper changer, battery saver, creating backups, call and SMS manager and many more. You can use it as an anti theft app, where you can create a profile such that when you send a message to your phone containing a predefined keyword, it turns the GPS on, get the location with accurate coordinates, replies the SMS with location, walking speed, battery level. Then turns on the front camera in stealth mode, take the photo and sends it to a predefined email. This way, you can use tasker when your phone gets stolen.

No need to install any third party applications for all these, just install tasker and create profiles to customize your requirements.  I will be posting tutorials on creating these kind of tasker profiles in my coming posts.

Tasker Interface :

When you open the Tasker App, you see three tabs : Profiles, Tasks and Scenes.


Profile is a set of contexts which can be combined with AND operators to meet multiple conditions. For instance, you can create a profile that is active only when your battery is more that 30% and the day is Sunday and time is 6 AM. A profile may contain many contexts like Applications, Time, Date, Day, Event, State and Location.


A Task is what a profile does when it gets triggered. You can set a task to create backup of your files to google drive when the above profile is true (when its Sunday 6AM and battery is more than 30% charged). Tasker will trigger the profile and start creating backup on your google drive, when it is Sunday and the time is 6 AM and the battery is more than 30%.


A scene is something where users can create a custom made window containing buttons, texts and menus of their own choice.

Another tab called variables is also present but it can be viewed only when beginner mode is off in tasker’s preferences. Here you can set variables and give them values.

Example Profile – Launch Music When Headphones Plugged In :

Now to demonstrate tasker, I will show you to create a simple profile where Music Player is launched automatically when you plug your headphones in.

1. Click on the + Sign in the Profiles tab to launch the context menu.

2. Select State -> Hardware -> Headset Plugged

3. Now select Type as Any.

4. Press Back to save the context and a Task Menu is popped up. Click on New Task and Give it any name like Launch Music.

5. Click on + Sign and select App from the menu that appears. Then select Launch App option and choose Music Player app. Press Back to save the Task.

6. Press Back again to save the profile. Now test it by inserting a Headphone to see music app getting launched automatically.

You can also download the above profile from HERE, if you don’t want to manually create it.

After downloading, extract the zip file and you will find a .xml file. To import the profile, Long Press on Profiles tab to import the profiles and select the .xml file you downloaded.

Tasker, In spite of a paid app is a very popular app among the android users. You can buy the app for just $2.99 on play store and its worth every penny. You will also find cracked versions on google. (Note: Downloading and using nulled/cracked versions of apps is illegal)

Download Tasker from Play Store

If you want paid version then please comment below.

In my coming posts, I will be showing how to create useful profiles and automate amazing tasks with tasker. If you like this post, then please share it and like it on your social networks.


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