Track Webpage Changes And Get Email Alerts

Do you want to monitor a web page and track its changes? Do you want to be notified when content of a web page changes? There are many ways to attain this. There are subscription facilities on almost all websites to notify you when new posts are made. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds to get notified by email when new posts are made. These are all the old methods. Lets try something cool. is an online web service which lets you monitor web pages and alerts you by sending you emails whenever the content of the web page changes. There are many services like this, but personally I found this very simple to use. And the good thing is it’s completely free. Only 3 steps and you are done. Follow the instructions below. 1. Visit and Enter the web address and Press Go Button. 2. Use your mouse to make a selection on web page. 3.  Enter your email address and press Start Monitoring button.

Track Website And Get Email Alerts

Track Website And Get Email Alerts

The service will monitor the particular area and whenever it detects a change in that area, it will send you email. It will send you before and after screenshots of that particular area. I tested this service for some websites like Google news and Times of India, which updates its content very frequently. Email Alerts arrive on time and the screenshots sent by visualping are very clear and sharp. TIP: 1. Make Selection on those areas where the posts are updated. 2. Set the Check Interval to HOUR to get updates as soon as they are posted. 3. Some websites display popups (this site shows Facebook like box popup when it loads the homepage). So when the service loads the page, if popup box is shown, then re-enter the web address and press the GO button. Try for 2 to 3 times and you won’t get popup box. Hope you liked this post. If this post was helpful, then please like it and share it on your social networks.

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