20 Tips To Save Battery In Android

I got a Micromax Canvas 2 last year, and from then I am a loyal fan of android operating system and its interface. I start my day at 9 AM in morning with full charge and in starting I found that the battery drains completely by the end of the day. I use to keep plugging my phone for charging and finally bought a power bank to charge it when my phone’s battery gets empty. It is reasonable for a 3000 mAh battery. This is not my phone’s problem. Even high end phones like Samsung gets their battery drained off. With added capabilities and increased use of daily apps, the power consumption got increased. So, I thought to get some methods to preserve battery life. We can make battery stay longer with the below tips.

1. Display uses highest percentage of battery :

Ask your phone to know which resources are using more battery, and the answer you get from your phone is The Display. Yes, your phone’s display uses most of the battery than any other app or process in your phone. Go to Settings -> Battery and check which apps are using more battery. Do not toggle your phone on and off. When your battery is low, keep the display turned off.

2. Reduce Screen’s Brightness :

I use my phone the whole day. It stays less in my pocket and more in my hand all the day. With continuous use of phone, my eyes use to strain. I always kept my phone’s brightness to the lowest level. It helped me to avoid my eyes get effected and at the same time it gave me more battery life. So, this can be a battery saving tip and a better care for your eyes too.

3. Remove unwanted accounts :

Your phone is synced with some accounts. For example, Gmail account, email accounts, whatsapp account etc. Your phone keeps checking for these accounts in background for any updates like emails received. If you do not use email accounts, then remove it. If you do not want to sync the accounts then turn off the Sync option. Most of the phones have Scheduled Sync. If you have this option, set the sync shedule to 2 hours or 5 hours of interval as per your convenience. You can set the timeframe to sync accounts only in your working hours.

4. Reduce Cloud Dependency :

Cloud accounts are great on your android. They help you to sync and backup your important files on your phone. I have Google drive synced with my phone with camera upload feature turned on. Whenever I take a snap, the photo gets uploaded to Google drive. This can be useful for backups, but uses lot of battery at the same time. You can turn it off to save the battery and upload in bulk when necessary.

5. Use Apps to Know battery usage :

There are lots of apps in market which promises to save battery life. Some are BatterSaver, JuiceDefender etc. Be careful, they take up more memory and consume battery instead of saving it. Solution would be to use an app with very low memory usage and less in size (below 1MB would be fine). Some apps like CleanMaster are also useful. It shows you which apps are using more memory and battery. You can kill the apps. It allows you to delete junk files also, which helps to use less battery.

6. Use 2G Network :

Your phone in 2G network uses very less battery as compared to when it is in 3G or 4G network. If you do not need high speeds or when you do not have 3G or 4G network available in the area, you can use 2G network to save battery.

7. Turn off wireless features:

Wireless features like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS uses more battery. Even if you don’t use it, they keep searching for wireless networks which consumes battery. So when not in use, just turn it off.

Turn off BlueTooth
Turn Off GPS
Turn Off WiFi
Turn Off Infrared

8. Black Background for AMOLED displays :

If your phone has an AMOLED display, then use black background instead of white or any other color. Use dark styled theme. It uses less battery.

9. Prefer Wifi to Mobile Data :

WiFi consumes less battery when compared to Mobile Data for internet. Try to use wifi if you have WiFi network available.

10. Don’t Use Live Wallpapers :

Do not use live wallpapers, as they are animated they use more battery. Instead use a simple low size wallpaper.

11. Use Less Widgets :

Widgets also consume more battery. They run in background to display changes. So use less number of widgets if required.

12. Turn off phone vibration function :

The tiny device used for vibrating your phone uses more battery whenever it gets activated. Keep your phone in ring mode or full silent mode instead of vibration. You can use vibration mode when really needed.

13. Close the applications after use :

Do not keep your application opened after using them. Close it once you have finished using it. The more the number of applications in use, the more the battery gets drained off quickly.

14. Keep the phone in Flight mode, when no use :

When you are traveling in a flight or when you do not have network, keep the phone in flight mode.

15. Set screen timeout to least :

Keep the screen timeout value to least. The shorter the value, the less battery your phone uses.

16. Turn off Haptic Feedback :

Haptic feedback is the process of giving feedback in the form of vibration when you touch the screen or press keys on keyboard. While typing you might have observed that with each keystroke, your phone vibrates slightly. You can turn haptic feedback off to save your phone’s battery.

17. Use Power Saving Mode :

Your android phone has a built in power saving mode. If you do not have, then install an app for this. Power saving mode has predefined settings, which when activated turns off the WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth, GPS, reduces screen brightness and many more.

18. Restrict Background Data :

Many apps like playstore, Gmail and others collect data and send it to servers in background. Turn this feature off.

19. Use App Manager :

Your android has a built in application called App Manager. It shows which apps are using more memory which in turn uses more battery as well. You can monitor the apps and kill them or uninstall them if not needed.

20. Get a Power Bank :

Above are all the tips you can use to save battery. But if still you need more battery life, you can carry a charger with you all the time. You can also buy a portable charge (also called power banks) and charge it full and take it with you out and use it when your battery gets off. I bought one for around 200 Rupees (around 4$) with 3000 mAh Capacity. If you need a power bank with more capacity you can get a 10,000 mAh power bank for Rs.1000 to Rs.1500 (16$ to 25$). Buy it according to your need and your budget.

Hope these tips will help you save battery. If you feel I missed any tips that can save battery life, please share it in comments. I will update the post if it is really a good battery saver tip.

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