9 Steps to Prevent Phone Addiction

Mobile phones have become a daily need today. People cannot live without their phones. Studies have shown that excessive use of phones is bad for your health. Are you one of those who cannot live without your mobile phone? Do you check your mobile every few minutes? Are you addicted to phones? Then this post is for you. This post will show you 9 steps to prevent phone addiction.

Follow the below steps and we guarantee you that you will use your phone very less than you are using right now. I will not ask you to break your phone and throw it away to prevent addiction. Instead, the below methods will help you to not get addicted to phones, while still completing your daily tasks.

1. Turn off Unimportant Notifications :

Notifications are the biggest distractions on your phone. While some notifications might be very important, but some are unwanted. The notifications are the primary reason due to which you take your mobile out of your pocket most of the times. Less notifications means less usage of your device. Go to notification settings in your phone and turn off notifications for unimportant apps. For example, you might get notification when a new theme is available, when updates are available, etc. Turn these notifications off. Turn on notifications only for important apps such as WhatsApp, Outlook (for important emails), Reminders, Events, etc.

2. Set Time for Each Activity :

Plan timings for each activity on your phone. For example, you can turn off notifications for Facebook, Instagram and other social accounts. Set a time (say 20 minutes in afternoon) to browse through your social accounts and check notifications. Take out 30 minutes in the morning for checking and replying to your important emails. You can plan your time table according the the apps available on your phone. This will force you to not take out your phone every few minutes to check every notification.

3. Limit Phone Usage :

These days, people are so addicted to their phone that they use it while having their meals, during meetings, even in the toilets. You should stop using your phone when you are in some other work. Keep your phone in the pocket while having your meals. Switch off or silent your mobile when you are in a meeting. Do not take your phone with you where you don’t need it at all.

4. Uninstall Unwanted Apps :

More apps will consume your more time. Uninstall the apps which you don’t require. If you use any desktop version of an app, then uninstall the mobile version. This will save your storage, memory and time.

5. Opt out of unwanted SMS and Emails :

If you receive too many unwanted SMS or emails, then find a way to stop them. You can unsubscribe to unwanted and spam emails. You can also opt out of any spam messages or block them if you have the block feature on your mobile. True Caller (app to block unwanted messages and calls) can be helpful in this case.

6. Use Alternatives for Phone Apps :

Today, phone has become an essential part in our life. People use phone to watch time, set alarms, write journals, read e-books, etc. Alternatively, you can use real life objects. Wear a watch to check time. Use an alarm clock to set alarms. Read hard copies of books instead of eBooks. Maintain a diary for writing tasks, notes etc.

7. Buy a Smart Speaker :

If you really want to avoid using phone frequently, then get a smart speaker like Amazon Echo, Google Home or any other affordable smart speaker. They do most of your tasks without touching your phone. For example, Amazon’s Alexa can play songs, read news, tell you time, set alarms and reminders, maintain to-do lists, and a lot more. If you cannot buy a smart speaker, try to use voice assistants (OK Google or Siri) on your phone to get your tasks done.

8. Turn off Phone before going to Bed :

If you don’t receive calls at night, then it is good to turn your phone off at night before going to bed. Stay away from your phone an hour before you plan to sleep. Studies show that, using a phone before sleeping will effect your health and sleep patterns.

9. Get a featured phone :

If you are a serious phone addict, then you might consider getting a featured phone. No apps and games. You use your phone only to answer and make calls, or read and reply to the messages. Try it for few days just for fun and see how is life without WhatsApp, Facebook and other addictive apps.

Hope these steps will help you prevent phone addiction. If you found this post helpful, then please like it and share it on your social networks.

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