Access Files and Folders From Taskbar

Today I will show you a very small but an interesting and useful tip in windows. This tip will make your work a bit easier. I spend most of my time in browsing on my computer and the rest of the time when I feel bored, I just navigate to all my drives and browse the folders checking my old files and folders. Each time I open My Computer and browse through folders, they take some time to load the contents for few seconds (sometimes milliseconds) as my computer is a little slow. Though it is just a matter of seconds, today I will show you an easiest and the quickest method to access all your files and folders from taskbar.

This method is an easy way to navigate through files and folders on your system without the need to open Windows Explorer every time you want to access a file. I use this feature on my system as it allows me to access my files, folders and drives immediately and it saves a lot of time.

How To Access Files And Folders From Taskbar :

Follow the below steps.

1. Right Click on an empty area on your taskbar ( that long bar which is usually at the bottom of your screen). Do not right click on an area where active programs or icons are present. Choose an empty area to right click as show in the below screenshot.

2. From the menu that appears, select Toolbars.

3. Again a new menu will appear. Select New Toolbar.

Access Files And Folders From Taskbar
Access Files And Folders From Taskbar

4. New Toolbar window will open up. Here you have to choose the folder which you want to add it on your taskbar. Select your favorite folder which you navigate frequently. I have added My Computer folder on my taskbar which displays all drives along with Control Panel and My Documents.

5. After selecting your favorite folder, Click OK

Access Files And Folders From Taskbar
Access Files And Folders From Taskbar

A new toolbar will appear on your taskbar just beside the system tray (where date and time is displayed). Click on the arrow to navigate to all the folders.

How To Disable Or Remove The Added Toolbar :

To remove or disable the already added toolbar, just follow Step 1 and Step 2. Now, from the drop down list, select the toolbar which you have added and which has a check mark next to it. Once you uncheck it, the toolbar disappears from the taskbar.

This is just a simple windows tip to make your daily tasks easier and quicker.

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