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How to Activate Free Caller Tune on Jio

Jio has become very popular these days. Last year Jio has launched its network services by bringing Jio SIM in to the market. It gained so much popularity because of its very affordable plans, which provides you unlimited calling, 4G data and free SMS. Recently, Jio has launched its affordable smartphone at a price of Rs. 1500.

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Once you recharge with Jio Plans, everything is free for you – calls, sms, internet. Even Caller Tune service is free if you have a Jio SIM. Gone are the days when you have to pay monthly rentals for enjoying the caller tune. With Jio caller tune service, you can select from a database of 4 lakh songs and change the caller tune at time completely free of cost. The validity of the caller tune is 1 month, after which you can repeat the process again to get it free for next month.

How to Activate Free Caller Tune on Jio :

There are three methods to set a free caller tune on your Jio SIM.

Method 1 – via Jio Music App

This is the most easiest way to set caller tune on your Jio SIM. You should have Jio Music App installed on your phone. If you don’t have the Jio Music App, then you can download and install it from here.

Step 1 : Login to Jio Music App

Step 2 : Search any song or select from the latest releases.

Step 3 : Preview the song and click on Set as Jio Tune

You will get an activation message confirming the activation of Jio caller tune and the validity.

Method 2 – via SMS

This methods requires a little extra effort of sending a SMS from your phone and searching for the correct song. Follow the below procedure to activate Jio Caller Tune by sending SMS.

Step 1 : Firstly, send a text message JT to 56789.

Step 2 : You will get a list of Genres or Categories to select a song. Follow the instructions in the SMS to explore the songs and select any song as per the guidelines given in the text message.

Step 3 : Once you selected the song, you will get another SMS to confirm your selection.

You will get the activation SMS acknowledging the activation of Jio Caller tune.

Method 3 – via Copy (*) Method

This method works if you have called someone and want their caller tune song to be set as your caller tune.

Step 1 : Call someone who has the Jio Tune that you want to copy.

Step 2 : While the Jio Tune plays, press *.

Step 3 : You will receive a SMS for confirming the activation of Jio Tune on your Jio SIM.

After activation, you will get a confirmation message and other details.

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