Activate WinRar Free for Lifetime (No Cracks)

WinRar is a very popular file compression software available for windows. Before we begin, let me tell you a fact that WinRar is a paid software and is available free for a 40-day trial. Once you exceed the trial limit, you will notice that you can still use WinRar. So, technically it is freeware. However, after the trial period, you will get the “Purchase Popup” every time you open WinRar. To avoid these popups, we will show you how to Activate WinRar free for lifetime.

How to Activate WinRar Free for Lifetime

Step 1: Download WinRar from their official website RarLab.

Step 2: Open WinRar. You will see the below in the About section (Help menu > About WinRar).


Step 3: Let’s begin to activate. Open Notepad and type the following code.

RAR registration data
Unlimited Company License

Step 4: Save the file as “rarreg.key” in the path “C:\Program Files\WinRAR” and choose file type as “All Files”.

Step 5: Alternatively, you can also download the rarreg.key file from HERE. Extract the file and place it in the above path.

Step 6: Now, check the About section to find WinRar got activated with an unlimited license.


We suggest you buy the software if you can afford it, as developers put in a lot of effort to keep this software free and keep it updated.

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