Automatically Wish Birthdays on Facebook

Do you sometimes miss your friends birthday and forget to wish him on facebook? Often we forget someone’s birthday and could not wish them by calling them or sending message. Friends play an important part in your life. I am not going to give a lecture about friends and their importance. But it is always a good habit to keep your friends in touch making them feel you are always there for them in their lives. In the past we use to have lot of time. We even use to create birthday cards for them, visit their home and give surprise gifts. But today in this busy world, its very difficult to remember small things unless you keep reminders for every task. So how do you keep up with birthday wishes. You can greet them at least on facebook. Even on Facebook, where not all people logon to their accounts daily, what is the best way to handle this? Yes, you can schedule birthday greetings.

So, do you need to remember birthdays of all your facebook friends? No, here is a good way to automatically post birthday wishes to your friends timeline. You can schedule message, when to post and what to post. There is a site which provides this service. You can surprise your friend by wishing him first from all your friends.

How to Schedule or Automatically Wish Birthdays on Facebook :

Go to the following website :


Connect your facebook account. All your facebook contacts will be imported into that site.

Now All the upcoming birthdays will be displayed.

Write your custom birthday message and save it to schedule.

You can write wishes to any number of friends. Now leave it on the site, it will post your message on the specified day on your friends timeline..

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