Avira Phantom VPN Free for 90 Days

If you are a regular internet user, then you might be already aware of what a VPN is. There are lots of VPN available in the market and Phantom VPN from Avira is one of them. Today, we will show you how to get Avira Phantom VPN free for 90 days.

What is a VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a software which acts like a tunnel so that you can exchange data securely and anonymously across the internet. When you use internet without any VPN, then the data is passed without any encryption. There are chances that your ISP provider can track the data. But if you use a VPN, then the data is passed through a private network and it cannot be tracked by your ISP provider.

Benefits of using a VPN

  • You can hide your IP and DNS information.
  • Helps you to avoid the censorship blocks. You can access blocked websites.
  • Hides your physical location through IP masking.
  • Encrypts data between your computer and VPN server.
  • Does not log your browsing activities.

How to get Avira Phantom VPN free for 90 Days

Visit the below website and enter your email address and click the button ‘Email me Avira Prime’


Check your email and click ‘Accept and Install’ button based on your platform.

You will be redirected to a web page. Choose your desired password.

Once you login, Avira Prime will be auto downloaded.

Run the installer. Follow the instructions to install Avira Prime. During the installation it will ask you to download additional Avira software like Anti Virus, Password Manager etc. If you wish not not install, skip them.

After the Avira is installed, right click the Avira icon in tray area. Select Login and a web page opens up. Login using your credentials and you are in.


Now you can start using Phantom VPN by opening Avira Prime from your desktop and selecting Phantom VPN. You get unlimited bandwidth for 90 days.

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