Easily Backup Registry in Windows

Do you love tweaking windows? Do you use Registry Editor to perform tweak on your windows? If yes, then this post is going to be helpful for you in some or the other way. For those who do not know much about Registry Editor, let me introduce you to this great in-built tool of windows. Registry Editor is a database which stores configuration settings of Microsoft Windows Operation System. It usually contains settings for the operating system components and other applications that runs on platforms which opts the use of registry.

How to Utilize this great tool (Registry Editor) :

It is well known that Registry Editor is used mainly by the operating system and the third party applications. But how is it useful for the users like you and me, and why it gained so much popularity as a tweaking tool? The answer is, this tool is very helpful in tweaking or customizing windows components. You can learn tweaking windows if you regularly read my blog, as I will be posting various articles in future on how you can utilize registry editor to perform customization to windows.

As Registry Editor is directly associated with the configurations of operating system, you need to edit these files with utmost care. One mistake can lead you to malfunctioning of your windows. Before applying any tweak or edit these files, I recommend you to take backup of the Registry Editor. So before you try to use this great tool, you must learn how to backup your Registry.

How to Backup Registry in Windows :

There are numerous software which helps you backup your registry. But there is a very easy method to backup your registry manually without depending on third party software.

Firstly Open Registry Editor. You can do this by pressing Windows plus R button on keyboard. Run dialog box will open. Type regedit and press enter or click OK.

Backup Registry in Windows
Backup Registry in Windows

The Registry Editor window will open up. From the File Menu, select Export.

Backup Registry in Windows
Backup Registry in Windows

After selecting Export, a pop up dialog box will open. You will asked to save the registry backup file to some location. Choose the desired location and select export range to All. This means you are exporting the whole registry entries. Specify a file name and click Save.

Backup Registry in Windows
Backup Registry in Windows

With this, you have successfully taken backup of your registry. While applying tweaks if anything unexpected occurs, you can restore the registry. The process is simple. From the File menu, select import. Locate your backup file and Click OK.

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