Block Ads in Android Apps and Browser ( Root and Non Root)

Ads are necessary evils. This is a famous quote in the advertisement world. Ads are frustrating for users but very important for developers. If you have searched for infinite ways to block ads in Android apps and browsers with no luck, then you have arrived the correct place. Here you will find apps to remove ads in android. There are lots of apps available in the market, but I will post only those apps which I have tested personally and which works. These adblockers also removes the pop-ups in the apps. If possible, I will keep on adding working apps and methods to this post in future.

Before I proceed, I would like to request everyone to block ads only if you are very frustrated. Because the developers put a lot of effort to build an app for us and these ads earn them money for their hard work. So please support the developers by not removing the ads. If you do not want ads but still want to support developers, then you can buy the premium version of the app. Most of the developers provide free and paid versions of the app.

Rooted devices have various apps and modules available to tweak your device. But non-rooted devices are difficult to be modded or tweaked. Ads can be easily blocked in rooted devices by modifying the host file. A non-rooted device doesn’t grant permission to access the host file to make any changes. Hence a non-rooted device must use VPN and firewall method to block ads on android apps and browsers.

Block Ads in Android Apps and Browsers (for Non-Rooted Devices) :

AdGuard (Tested by me): AdGuard is an Android app to block ads in Android apps as well as browsers. The best part of AdGuard is that it doesn’t require root. It blocks apps by activating a local VPN and a firewall to connect to the internet. The free version of the app blocks ads only in browsers but not apps. The premium version blocks ads in both browsers and Android apps. The good news is that when you install the app, you can test the premium version for seven days.

Download AdGuard (XDA Thread)

Download AdGuard (Direct Link)

I am also listing some of the apps which I have not tested but might work. You can check them for yourself.

NetGuard, AdClear.

Block Ads in Android Apps and Browsers (for Rooted Devices) :

Requirements : 

  1. Rooted Android Phone.
  2. Terminal (Download from here).
  3. Busybox (Download from here).
  4. Root File Explorer (Download from here).
  5. Minimum 5MB space on system partition.

Blocking Ads on the Rooted device is quite easy. But you have to be a little careful as you are modifying the host file. Follow the below procedure to block ads on a rooted device.

  • Visit the AdBlocker GitHub link.
  • You will find three files. We need the file named ‘adblocker.’ It is a Linux executable file which can be run from terminal.
  • Copy the ‘adblocker’ file to /system/bin
  • If the adblocker file has an extension, then remove it.
  • Set permission of the adblocker file to 755.
  • Open Terminal and type the following code

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That’s it. Host file will be modified to block ads in both browsers and Android apps.

Hope this post helped you a lot. If you found this post helpful, then please like and share it on your social networks. If you have any questions related to this post, then please let me know in comments. Suggest the apps you use to block ads in comments. For more tricks and tips like this, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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