The Blue Whale Game – Stay Away, It’s Dangerous

Have you heard of this deadly dare game called ‘The Blue Whale’? Does a game can be played at the risk of your life? Read the complete post to know about this online game and how you can protect others from playing it? Before we start telling about this game, we warn you not to even try downloading the game and never get in to any game which is at your life’s risk.

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About the Game

A Russian convict reportedly created an online social game called ‘The Blue Whale’ dare game in 2013. The game has been on internet from a long time but came in to picture for quite a while now. Recently news show that people are playing it at the risk of their life. At the time of writing this post, 130 deaths are linked to this suicidal game. News also reports that the person who created this game has been arrested but the game is still on play. The game goes by different names like ‘The Silent House’, ‘A Sea of Whales’, ‘Wake me up at 4:20’. It got its name from a belief that Whales beach voluntarily to end their lives. The game made its debut from a Russian social networking site called ‘VKontakte’.

How it works?

The game is not available on official download stores but can be found on dark web. Now the game has become so popular that many forums has started posting it everywhere. The Administrators or the creators of the game contact people around the world (generally from suicide groups on social networks) and when someone joins the game they are asked to complete 50 tasks for 50 days. They also threaten the player that he cannot back off from the game. And if he does, then they say that they have all the information about him and will come after him. The game works psychologically because any task if done regularly for 50 days will get in to your mind.

Why Victims are falling prey to this game?

The Blue whale game targets teenagers who are mentally and emotionally weak. The victims are generally those people who are vulnerable to seek validation. Virtual world attracts them. Playing this game makes them feel superior from others. They assume that they are part of something bigger than them. It is also a known fact that some teenagers are with low self-esteem and less self-confident. Performing these daring tasks makes them feel powerful. But they forget the fact that this deadly game takes their life at the end.

Challenges (Stupid) of this Game :

The Game begins with an administrator of the game contacting you. Once you enter the game they warn you that you cannot back off. While you are in the half of the game, they even threaten you more by saying that they have complete information about you. The player of the game gets daily challenges. He has to complete the task and take a photo and send it to curator as a proof. There are 50 challenges but I am not going to cover all of them.

  • The challenges start with something easy like : Not talking to anyone the whole day.
  • Wake up at 4:20 AM in the morning and go to the roof of the building.
  • Wake up at 4:20 AM and go to rails and take a photo.
  • Draw a whale on paper and then carve it on your hand with knife.
  • Watch horror movies alone the whole day.
  • Listen to the music that the curator sends to you.
  • Cut your lip.
  • Carve F58 or F57 on the arm.
  • If you want to become a whale then write ‘YES’ on your leg by carving it with knife.
  • If you cannot complete a task, punish yourself by cutting your hand with 3 cuts but not so deep.
  • Finally on the 50th day, you are asked to end your life by committing suicide.

The Game is stupid and very deadly. Hence we once again request everyone not to even install the game.

How to Protect Others from this Game?

Our site is mainly focused on cyber security. We provide you tips to protect your mobiles and computers from harmful attacks. The same applies here. It is our duty to inform you to stay away from this dangerous and harmful game. Also, it is our duty to let you know the steps you can take to protect someone who is involved in this game.

  • Generally the people playing this game are victims of depressions and low self esteem. When you hear someone talking about playing this game, then have a conversation with him and explain to him not to play the game. If possible speak to their parents about this.
  • People are using hashtag #iamwhale #iambluewhale #findmecurator on social networks while playing the game. You can speak to them or contact the authorities to report about it. Beware that some people are posting these hashtags just for fun, so don’t land them in trouble by reporting them to authorities.
  • We request our users not to play the game and don’t post these hashtags for fun.

Hope you found this post helpful. Share this post to your social networks and messengers to make other people aware of this deadly game.

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