How To Browse the Dark Web Safely

The part of the internet accessed by most people is known as the ‘surface web’. However, there is another section that contains hidden information. It is frequently referred to as the dark web and is estimated to contain 95% more information than the so-called surface web. People are not aware how to brose the dark web safely.

Most people confuse the deep web for the dark web. The deep web is simply a part of the internet that isn’t indexed by conventional search engines. On the other hand, the dark web contains a lot of characters looking to perform alternative actions.

These actions include freedom fighting and an unfettered expression of views. The Arab Spring of the early 2010s was believed to have begun from the dark web. Citizens in certain countries with limited freedom of expression also use the dark web to propagate their views. The dark web protects a user’s anonymity to a certain extent.

Cybersecurity Dangers on the Dark Web

1. Getting Infected with Malware

Since almost every person or group navigating the dark web is anonymous, cybercriminals make use of
the opportunity to infect surfers. Although the ‘surface web’ contains a lot of unsafe websites, the dark
web contains much more.

These kinds of malicious software distributed on the dark web can force access to your online banking.
Others can also add your computer to a botnet or contain crypto-stealing codes.

2. Losing your Anonymity

Visitors on the dark web typically want to remain anonymous. If one’s identity becomes exposed, the user could get monitored by government agencies. This defeats the purpose of expressing your views freely in this section of the internet.

There are countries where speaking your mind on political topics can land you in jail. Ensuring the anonymity of posts made on the dark web is key.

Improving your Dark Web Cybersecurity Level

1. Download Tor Browser

The best browser to use when accessing the internet is Tor. Tor Browser is highly secure as it bounces web traffic through thousands of servers before reaching its destination. This makes your dark web activity hard to trace.

Download Tor Browser from the official website and not from an alternative link. Other links can mask trojan malware as Tor. Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac users can download the official browser.

2. Get a VPN

A Virtual Private Network is a security tool that hides your identity and encrypts your internet traffic. Although bounced web traffic can increase the obscurity of your internet activity, it doesn’t fully protect you. For instance, your internet service provider can see when you utilize Tor Browser.

Since the way a VPN works is by increasing your anonymity, your internet activity will be protected better. Your identity will also remain a secret. Any entity attempting to view your location and identity will simply view the IP address of your VPN server which can be positioned in a different country.

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