Compress Images Without Losing Quality

There are many image formats available today. The commonly used image formats are JPEG, GIF, and PNG. We also know the use of each format. JPEG image files are used for high resolution images. GIF image format is generally used for animated images. PNG images are transparent images and they are loseless. Hence they can be compressed without losing image quality.

I recommend usage of PNG files over other image formats, as they can compressed without losing the quality. It is always a better option to compress them before use, if speed and fastness is the main concern. They can be easily portable because of their small size. They can be uploaded and downloaded fast. When small sized images are used on a webpage, it tends to load faster. And people love visiting fast websites.

Advantages of Compressed Images :

– Faster Page Loads

– Less Storage Required

– Faster Uploads and Downloads

– Less Bandwidth Consumption

Try to use PNG image files on webpages as they have many advantages stated above and they preserve the quality too. There are tools like Photoshop which can be used to convert your JPEG and other image formats to PNG. Photoshop also has the option to save the image as PNG with optimization for web.

There are many online and offline Image compression services. Instead of spending money on softwares just to compress the images, you can go with free online services which can do the same work for you. There might be many online services which can do this task, but today I will share my favorite website which compresses your PNG images upto 70% without losing the image quality. The compression rate depends on the quality of the image. One of the good thing is the service is free.

How To Compress PNG Files :

1. Visit TinyPNG.

2. Click on the area where it says Drop your .png files here. A dialog Box will pop up to select images you want to compress.

Compress Images Online
Compress Images Online

3. Once you select the files, the compression starts and you will see the files size of original image along with the file size of compressed image. You can click on Download option to download the file to your computer. It also shows you the compression percentage.

Compress Images Online
Compress Images Online

Note: The Files should be in PNG format in order to compress it.

Other Websites for Compressing Images :


I will update the post by adding some more online services which helps you compress image files.

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