Create Multiple Alias Email in Gmail

Do you receive spam emails? Do you want to avoid getting spam newsletters? Today, spam emails are the most annoying thing in your inbox. What if I tell you Gmail itself could be the solution for the spam emails. Yes, today I will show you how you can use Gmail’s alias feature to avoid spam. Create alias email in Gmail and easily manage your Gmail inbox.

What is Spam?

Spam emails are those emails for which you have not registered, but you still get it in your inbox.

Why do I get Spam emails?

When you register or sign up with your email on a website, your email gets stored in their database. In most of the cases, a trusted company never sells your emails, but there are some companies which sells your email addresses to third parties. Sometimes a data breach is also a reason for your emails to get leaked. So, when your email gets in to the hands of unwanted companies or individuals, you start receiving spam emails.

How to Avoid Spam?

There are many services that provide you a disposable email. You can use them for registering on websites. But the problem with using disposable email is that you have to remember the email address you have used and also it is not easy to manage multiple disposable emails.

Create Alias Email in Gmail

When you create an email account in Gmail, you get more than just one email. You can create multiple emails using your primary email. Below are the ways you can create multiple email addresses.

  • Append a + (plus sign) and any combination of letters and numbers at the end of your email address to create an alias. For example, if your primary email is, then any emails addressed to or will also be delivered to your primary email.
  • Insert one or multiple “.” (dots ) in between your email. Gmail doesn’t recognize dots as characters. For example, if your primary email is then any emails sent to or will also be sent to your primary email.

Theoretically, this way you get unlimited email addresses with one gmail account.

How to Manage Spam with alias emails:

It is much easier to manage spam by creating alias emails. For example, when you signup on any e-commerce website, you can signup with an alias email Similarly when you signup on forums, you can use Then simply apply a rule to move all the emails received to this email in a separate folder. You can also filter your emails by checking which emails you have received on those aliases and delete them or unsubscribe them.

You can even track which website or service is leaking your email. For example, if you register on some xyz website, then you can use to signup. If you are receiving any emails on this email address from any service other than xyz website, then you can conclude that your email was leaked or sold to third party services.

Send Emails from Alias Email Address

The alias email addresses can also be used to send emails. You need to set it up in gmail to send emails from alias email addresses. Follow the below steps to setup.

Go to Settings -> Accounts and Imports -> Add another email address.

Make sure you select ‘Reply from the same address the message was sent to’

That’s it. Now when you compose a new email, you can select from which address you want to send an email.


I hope this article will help you manage spam by creating email alias in gmail. If you found this post helpful, please like and share it on your social networks.

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