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Display Lyrics While Playing Songs In Android

Do you want to play lyrics while playing a song on your mobile? The standard music player that comes with the android has only few capabilities. Today I will tell you about a music application for android which displays lyrics while playing the song on your mobile. This application not only displays lyrics for english songs, but also for hindi songs. I checked some telugu songs also. So, this application will display lyrics for almost all songs. You may know lyrics of many songs, but it comes very handy when a new album is released and you want to know its lyrics. So without the need of searching on internet, just play the song on your phone and find the lyrics.

The concept behind this application is that while you play the song, it searches for the lyrics on the internet using title and artist information of the song. Mostly it automatically downloads the lyrics while you play the song. But if in any case, lyrics are not showing, you can go to options and search for lyrics and download them in few seconds and the lyrics will start displaying.

The Best part of this application is that the lyrics syncs with the audio. It means the lyrics are highlighted as the phrases of the songs are played exactly. Amazing ! isn’t it?

Display Lyrics While Playing Song
Display Lyrics While Playing Song

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Note :

1. The application is limited to its lyrics database. So if you don’t find any lyrics, you can find lyrics file on the internet and use it in the player.

2. Your phone must be connected to internet while using the application, otherwise the lyrics are not downloaded. Once lyrics are downloaded in your phone, then the next time you play the song, it fetches the downloaded lyrics file and doesn’t need internet.

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