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Drippler – Get Tips & Tricks For Only Your Phone

Do you want to get the latest updates of your phone? Do you spend your day searching for new tips and tricks for your phone model? Now you don’t need to do that. Drippler will do it all for you. It is a very overwhelming process to daily search for any news and update for your phone. So, rather than finding endlessly for the updates and information about your device, install dripper and get all those information at a single place.

What is Drippler & How it works?

Drippler, available for both android and iphone is an amazing app which brings you relevant feeds which includes tips, tricks, latest updates for your smartphone. When you install drippler it finds out which smartphone model are you using and presents you with a feed containing tips, tricks and any latest update that is relevant for your smartphone. You can think of drippler as a hub or a single purpose feed reader where you get the best and most relevant content for your phone.

Drippler gets the information from the most top websites like LifeHacker, Android Police, MakeUseOf, The Droid Guy, Gizmodo, Android and Me, AppStorm, PhoneArena, AndroidGeeks etc. It does not show you each and every article, but only those which are relevant to your smartphone. And also those articles where discussions regarding your device is going on.

What you get in Drippler?

Based on your device model, drippler brings you the tips and tricks for your smartphone so that you can make the best use of it. You also get latest news, updates for your phone. Any accessories, products or add ons available for your phone are also shown so that you never miss any trend going on for your device model. Drippler also shows you the top apps and games for your android or iphone.

To sum it up, drippler will keep you updated with latest news, popular utilities, trending launchers, most awesome apps & games, tips, tricks customisations and tweaks for your mobile phone.

Download Drippler for Android from Google Play Store

Download Drippler for iOS from iTunes

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