How to Enable Dark Mode in Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat is the most popular document reader from the family of Adobe products. It is simple and very efficient. It is used to view, create, manipulate and print portable document format (PDF) files. The reason of writing this post is that I faced a situation while using Adobe Acrobat. I read e-books on my laptop and mobile. I don’t usually prefer paperback or hard copies of books. Reason is I feel more convenient reading on mobile/PC as it can be read anywhere anytime. Most of the e-books online are available in PDF format and can be read using Acrobat Reader.

If you have observed most of the PDF documents are generally with white background and black text. The white background causes your eyes to strain. If you are reading e-books for a long time, then it is very dangerous for your eyes. I thought there should be some solution for this. I found somewhere that Acrobat has dark mode option. So, I thought why not share with you a trick on how to enable dark mode in Adobe Acrobat.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Adobe Acrobat :

  • Open Adobe Acrobat.
  • Click Edit menu and select Preferences.
  • Now select Accessibility option.
  • Check ‘Replace Document Colors‘ box.
  • Then select ‘Custom Colors‘.
  • Choose page background color as Black and document text color as White.

Now open any document and you will see that the background will be black and text will be white. This mode is called dark mode, which doesn’t hurt your eyes. I suggest you enable this mode whenever you are reading e-books for hours long.

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  1. Thank you so so so so so very much!! This is awesome. Perfect article, Perfect timing. I can finally read at night without sacrificing my eyes.

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