Encrypt Folders With Password in Mac

Do you have confidential data stored in your mac? Do you want it to be secured and safe from others accessing your mac? Then today we bring you a post on how to encrypt your folders in your mac. These days, where security is the major concern, it has become important to be careful about your data. For this, there is no need to use a third party application or paid apps, when you have built in feature in Disk Utility to encrypt your folders.

How to Open Disk Utility :

Open Disk Utility by following any of these methods :

– Press Command + Space key on your mac keyboard to open spotlight search. Type Disk Utility.

– You can also click Launchpad icon on your Dock and find Disk Utility in the Others folder.

How to Encrypt Folders in Disk Utility :

Before you proceed, make sure that you store all your secret files and documents in one main folder.

Open Disk Utility. Click File -> New Image -> Image from Folder

Encrypt Folders in Mac - 1
Encrypt Folders in Mac – 1


2. Go to the path where the folder to be encrypted is located. Select the folder.

Encrypt Folders in Mac - 2
Encrypt Folders in Mac – 2

3. Select the image format as Read/Write if you want to edit the files and select the encryption type as 128-bit AES encryption. By default the encrypted image is created in the original folder location. You can change it to save it wherever you want. Note that it will take longer time for folders larger in size.

Encrypt Folders in Mac - 3
Encrypt Folders in Mac – 3

4. It will prompt you to enter a password for the encrypted image. Select a strong password and most importantly make sure that the Remember password in Keychain is not selected. Otherwise, the purpose of encrypting a folder gets spoiled. If the password is stored in the keychain then anyone who is opening the encrypted image gets bypassed through the password prompt.

Encrypt Folders in Mac - 4
Encrypt Folders in Mac – 4

That’s it. You have successfully created a encrypted image from a folder. You can see the encrypted .dmg file in the location where you have saved. Just double click on it and the image gets mounted in the finder.

Encrypt Folders in Mac - 5
Encrypt Folders in Mac – 5


Now whenever you open the mounted image, it will prompt you a password. Just enter it and the encrypted image opens like a normal disk/folder. You can also add files to the encrypted disk. The added files also gets encrypted. You can unmount the encrypted image when you have finished accessing your confidential files.

Encrypt Folders in Mac - 6
Encrypt Folders in Mac – 6

You can also create a Sparse Image. This is a type of blank image with specified size. For example, if you create a blank encrypted image of 2GB. Now if you add files of size around 1GB and when you check the size of the image, it shows you as approximately 2GB, but it can hold up to one more GB of data. You can create Sparse Image by clicking Disk Utility -> File -> New – Blank Image. Just specify the size, encryption type and location to save encrypted image.

What you have learnt is the built in feature of mac to encrypt folders, but you can also use third party applications if you need more options. Below are some of the apps that serves the same purpose :



Data Guardian


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