Facebook Update – Set Video as Profile Picture

Too keep its social network lively, facebook keeps on introducing new features for its users. The last major update was temporary profile picture option, where users would be able to set any image as their profile picture for a specified time. After the specified time, it revert backs to the previous profile picture. This comes handy when you want to showcase a milestone or an event. For example, you can set a temporary profile picture for supporting any good cause like HIV awareness month, Global warming awareness etc.

Facebook Allows Video As Your Profile Picture :

Now facebook has rolled out a very major feature where users would be able to set a 7 seconds video as their profile picture. It will look similar to a GIF image, as the video loops when you view it on profile page. The audio will be played only when you tap the video and view it in full screen mode. Facebook is rolling out this feature slowly. Currently this feature is only available for iphone users. So, android users has to wait a bit to use this feature. People have already started using creative ways to show their video profile pictures.

How To Set A Video As Your Profile Picture :

Facebook Update - Set Video As Profile Picture
Facebook Update – Set Video As Profile Picture

Open Facebook App on your iPhone. Click on your Profile picture to view the options. You will either see the option Record New Video or Coming Soon. If you are able to see the record new video option then go ahead and record a video to set it as profile picture. Or you can also upload any video (7 seconds) and set it as your profile picture.

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