How to Find If Someone is Spying on Your Phone

Now a days mobile phones comes with powerful hardware and software. This is the reason most of the people don’t use computers much and make all their work through smartphone. For example, I manage my website, check analytics, read emails (gmail,yahoo), create spreadsheets, design presentations, post on facebook, edit my photos, trim my videos, use Netbanking, store important files, download torrents, watch movies, listen songs all these on my mobile. Then why do I need my laptop? I use it only when I cannot use my smartphone for some tasks like when I write posts, design graphics, make animations, do coding etc.

With all works done on mobiles, there are more chances attackers are targeting smartphone for spying and h@cking. With so many suspicious apps and games installed on your phone, your privacy might be at risk. We think that our phones are never spied but what if you come to know that your phone was spied and your activities were monitored. You will be shocked, right? So if you are really concerned about safegaurding your privacy, continue reading the post.

Below are some tips by which you can determine whether your phone is being spied or monitored.

1. Your Phone is Behaving Strangely :

If someone is monitoring your phone, then your phone will act unusual and strangely. For example, your phone shutdowns frequently without any reason, lights turn up, brightness fluctuates, apps auto shutdown, etc.

2. Noise During Calls :

If you are hearing some kind of beeps and noise during calls, then probably there might be a call recording software installed on your phone for monitoring. Sometimes, due to this spying apps, the call quality gets worsened. Notice minor changes and act immediately.

3. High Data Usage :

Most of the spying apps sends information from your phone to the attacker. It takes data consumption. If you are noticing high data consumption on your mobile without any reason, then double check the apps that your data is used by. Go to settings and click on Data Usage and find out which apps are making high usage of data.

4. Battery Draining :

Spying apps are run in background without victim’s knowledge. They run all the time even if you close all the applications. This may consume lot of battery. If your phone was fine and suddenly your phone’s battery starting over draining, then analyse your phone to check which applications are using more battery.

5. Slow Startup and Shutdowns :

Due to spying apps installed on your phone, it may startup and shutdown very slow than usual. If your phone is taking very long time to start and shutdown then check what is causing this problem. May be there is any unwanted app installed which may be harmful for your phone.

6. Phone’s getting over heated :

As I said earlier spying apps are made to run in background without the victim’s knowledge. When your phone is idle and it does no work and still gets heated, then there might be some suspicious apps running in background which is effecting your CPU and hence heating it up.

7. Phone Gets Slow :

If your phone suddenly gets slow then check for the recent apps installed. If you don’t find any, then go to app manager in settings and check for any suspicious apps installed. Most of the spyware apps gets installed while browsing malicious websites.

8. Suspicious Files :

If you find any suspicious files and folders created in your phone, then immediately remove it. But be careful while deleting the important system files. This is important otherwise you will end up with improper functioning of your phone.

9. Random Reboots :

If your phone gets automatically rebooted or shutdown, then check for the solution of this strange activity. Most of the spying apps restart your phone at random to make sure the spying app is auto started each time your phone boots up. Also if there is any app on playstore to determine which apps auto start on bootup, then install it and analyse your phone.

10. Install Anti Spyware/Anti Virus :

When you notice any of the above strange behaviour, install anti spyware and anti virus software immediately. Do not go for a free or trial version. Get a paid version which really works.

Note : If your phone experience any of the above things, then first find the reason why it is doing so. Most of the time this is caused by suspicious and harmful apps, but still there might be other reasons for it to act strangely. Act Smart, Be Safe. Hope this tips helped you. Please share in your comments if you have any tips to protect your phone’s privacy.

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