Find Windows Installation Date

Do you want to know when your windows was installed on your computer. Yes you can do this with the help of command prompt. MSCONFIG is a command in windows that gives you details about your operating system, hardware configurations, Network Adapters, information about RAM, Disk Spaces and IP address.

By using this command and adding some attributes to it, you can find the date when your windows was installed.

Below is the procedure to follow :

-> Open Run Dialog Box. (You can do this by pressing Windows Key + R)

-> Type CMD and press Enter

-> Command Prompt will open. Type the below line and press enter :

systeminfo | find /i "Original Install Date"

You will get the following screen :

Find Windows Installation Date
Find Windows Installation Date

-> You can see the windows installation date and time.

Instead of the full command you can also type only MSCONFIG to see more details about your computer.

I Tested this trick in windows 7 and Windows XP. If you get any error, Please post it in comments.

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