Free Voice Calls in India

Hi, In my previous post, I wrote on How to Send Free Voice SMS in India. Today I will show you one more trick to make Free Calls in India. You can also check my post on How to Make Free International Call Without Registration. Who doesn’t like making free calls? There are so many tricks available on internet through which you can make free calls. Most of them charge you, but very less. But today, I will show you how to make free calls. So, coming to our post, below is the step by step procedure to follow :

How to Make Free Voice Calls in India :

First Go to

Login with your username and password

After logging in, you will be displayed the below screen. Click on SEND SMS button. In the next page, you will be shown different options, you should click FREE VOICE CALL

Free Calls in India
Free Calls in India

In the next page, you will be show two options Dial Number & View Call Reports. You should click DIAL NUMBER button.

Free Calls in India
Free Calls in India

Now you will be on the next page where you will see a Number Pad. Dial your number or type the number and click CALL.

Free Calls in India
Free Calls in India

After you click the call button, you will be prompted to confirm if you really want to make a call.

Free Calls in India
Free Calls in India

Confirm by clicking YES CONNECT MY CALL button.

Once you click the button, first your friend will receive a call from site2sms. Once he lifts the call, your phone will be connected and both the persons can speak.

According to the website, each call limits to 2 minutes. And per day you can make upto 64 minutes of free calls to any number. That means 32 calls of 2 minutes each.

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