Get Google Alerts on Any Topic

Do you want to monitor any topic on the internet? Do you want to keep yourself updated with a topic of interest? Google has solution for almost everything. Today, we will show you how to get google alerts on any topic. Though there are many blogs and websites that have information about your interests. Some even provide you with RSS feeds and newsletters that deliver to your email. But it is difficult to configure on all the blogs and websites. We will show you a broader solution to this.

I am more interested in the IT industry, technology, hacking, and vulnerabilities. So, I have configured these keywords and daily I receive articles related to these keywords from the whole web.

Google Alerts is a web product from Google, which helps you configure alerts on any topic of your choice. Just enter a keyword, set preferences and you are done. As simple as that.

How to Get Google Alerts on Any Topic

Visit Google Alerts and sign in with your Google account.

Enter a keyword that you want to monitor or receive alerts.

Click ‘Show options’


Choose how often you would like to receive alerts, language, region, and sources.

Click ‘Create Alert’.


That’s it. You will start receiving alerts based on your preferences. You can also delete any alert if you want. Please note that there is a limit of 1000 alerts per person. That is more than you would need.

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