Get Price Alerts When Price Drops

Ever wanted to buy something for a festive season? Keeping an eye on prices is a hefty task. In this post I will bring you few websites. These websites will help you track prices of products you want to buy. Most of the times I set a budget for a product in my wish list. The high price doesn’t want me to buy it.

You cannot keep on opening a website to check the prices every hour of the day. It is very difficult. Luckily you don’t have to do it manually. There are online tools which can alert you when the price of a product drops. You can save some money if you buy a product a correct time when the price drops.

Get Alerts When Price Drops :

Below I will be listing few websites which will send you alerts when price of a product changes on an e-store. These alerts will be in the form of emails that you provide at the time of setting alerts. I have not used all of them but is my favourite. I set alerts on my favourite products in my wish list and as soon as the price drops for any product, I buy it.

CamelCamelCamel is only for and you cannot track prices of products available on other stores. It shows you a history of ups and downs of the price. It also sends you email alerts if you sign up for it. You can also set a fixed price and get notified if the price drops below your fixed price.

SlickDeals is another website which alerts you of price drops. The good thing is that it works with most of the popular shopping websites like, gamestop, newegg, etc. Unfortunately it doesn’t show you a history of price drops but you can set a particular price and get notified when price drops below your fixed price.

Price & Alert is a price tracking service available for Indian shopping e-stores like flipkart, paytm, snapdeal and amazon. But you need to sign up to their service to use it. Sign up is free.

Cheapass is my favourite price drop alert service available for indian shopping e-stores. The best part is there is no need of signing up. You can use it by just entering the product URL and providing your email address.

Hope you will start using these services to save some money. If you found this post helpful, please like it and share it on your social networks. Also, share your favourite price tracking websites in the comment section.


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