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From a couple of weeks, we have been providing many giveaways for licenses of many software. As our site is mainly focused on technology freaks and hackers, how can we miss a giveaway from EC Council. For those who don’t know EC Council is a global leader in InfoSec Cyber-security certification programs like CEH and other information security skills. Today, we are sharing a giveaway provided by them. EC Council is providing CodeRed access for 1 year at their September cybersecurity virtual event which is going to take place on 16th September, 9.30 AM EST.


Read complete post for more details on how to get VIP pass for the event and how to get all the benefits. The benefits are provided based on the points you earn.

Benefits of VIP Pass

  • Annual Subscription of CISO MAG magazine, which is one of the top 10 cybersecurity magazines of 2020). It is worth $129.
  • 100+ cybersecurity courses and 4000+ videos on various technologies.
  • EC-Council community membership
  • 1 month of CodeRed Access (If you refer 3 members). It is worth $25.
  • 1 Year of CodeRed Access (If you are among top 5 referrer). It is worth $249.00.

How to get EC-Council CodeRed Access for 1 Year

  • Sign up for a VIP pass by clicking HERE.
  • Enter your name and email and click ‘GET YOUR VIP ACCESS NOW’.
  • You will get 10 points for signing up.
  • Verify the email and you get another 10 points.
  • Once you reach 20 Points you will receive an email saying you got 1 year CISO MAG subscription for free.
  • Now you have 30 points to earn for the next reward. Referring a friend gives you 10 points. Share your link with 3 members or join using temp email or other emails to complete 50 points.
  • Once you reach 50 points, you will get access to 1 month CodeRed Pro membership (worth $25).
  • If you refer more people and if you are among the top 5 referrers then you will get access to 1 year CodeRed Pro membership (worth $249).

Hope you have enjoyed this post. Please let us know in comments if you have any questions.

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