[Giveaway] – Get 5TB Free Online Storage

In this post we are going to tell about a website which is giving 5TB of online storage space for free to its users. The website is Trainbit.

Trainbit provides cloud storage and backup space to store all your files with fast upload and direct download options and free account.

There is not much information about this website online. So, If you are planning to use it, I suggest you to not upload any personal files. If you are uploading any important files, then encrypt it and upload. I am planning to use their service for backup of my non-personal data as 5TB would be very enough for me.


  • Direct Download
  • Upload via URL
  • Upload files via Email
  • You can also upload via computer
  • Download Statistics

There are many unanswered questions. The website says the files will not be deleted even if the file is inactive, but people reported their file got deleted for no reason. I believe it should be violation of terms and conditions. The website clearly says that you can have multiple accounts but you should comply with their terms and conditions otherwise all accounts and files will be deleted. So, do not make this online storage as your primary backup.

The website also doesn’t tell what is the maximum file size to upload or download. I will test it and update here in this post very soon.

How to Get 5TB Free Online Storage

  • Fill all the details and click ‘create an account’.
  • Verify the account by clicking on the link you receive in email.
  • You get 5TB free online storage.

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