How to Hide Files and Folders in Android Without App

Today Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. We seriously cannot live without them for a single day. These devices are not just used for making calls and sending messages. They are also used for entertainment. Mobile phones have also became as a storage device, where we can store our files like documents, images, videos and audios. There are many uses of thisnomedia little device. Today we will show you how to hide files and folders in Android without any app.

Many people store their important documents, images, music and videos on their mobile phones. Some of the files can be very private and not to be accessed by others. We want to keep them private hidden from others. In Android, when you store images and videos on your SD card, it scans all the files and displays your images and videos in Gallery application. The problem is they can be easily viewed from there.

How to Hide Files and Folders in Android :

Now what can you do to hide your files and folders from others. Today I will show you four methods to do this. First three methods doesn’t need any software. Fourth method is by using third party applications.

Almost all the android phones comes with an inbuilt file manager. But the file manager that comes inbuilt has only basic functionality. Some phones have some additional file managers like X-plore, ES File Explorer or My Files. They have more features.

Method 1 :

Open any file manager like I have mentioned above. If you don’t have, I will give links to download them from play store.

Download X-plore

Download ES File Explorer

Download Astro File Manager

After opening the file manager, Go to the folder you want to hide. Just long tap the folder and select Rename option. Add a dot (.) before the folder name. For example, if the name of the folder is Videos, just rename it to .videos and click OK. Your folder is hidden. And you won’t be able to see it in Gallery application. By default all the folders starting with dot will be hidden in android. So to view them, you have to go to File manager’s settings and select the option to Show Hidden Files. This option may be different in different file manager. To unhide the folder, just remove the dot from the folder. Now it will be shown in Gallery.

Note that this trick works only on folders not files. If you want to hide files, then create a folder and copy all your private files in it and follow the method.

Method 2 :

The second method is also very simple. Just go to the folder which you want to hide. Open the folder and create a new text file. Leave the file empty. Do not write anything. Save it with the name asĀ .nomedia

If you do not know how to do this, just download the .nomedia file from below link and place it in the folder which you want to hide. Note that the below file is a hidden type of file so after you download you will not be able to see it until you change the folder settings to Show Hidden Files. I Recommend before you download the below the file, make sure the hidden files are allowed to show in your Explorer.

Download .Nomedia File

A .nomedia is a blank file which is generally placed inside a folder to hide its contents in gallery. Android scans all the folders and when it finds a .nomedia file in a folder, it doesn’t scan that folder and the contents like images, audio and video is not shown in the gallery application.

In this method the folder is not hidden but the contents are hidden in gallery. But in previous method the whole folder disappears. And this trick is not for files, it works only on folders. So as you have done in previous method, just copy all your private files in a folder and copy the .nomedia file in that folder.

Method 3 :

This is the method which I generally follow. It is as simple as ABC. You just rename the file with an extension which your android phone cannot open. For example if your android file doesn’t recognize .zip extension then you can use the method. Just rename the file with .zip extension. If you have an image file with name mypic.jpeg, then rename it to Move it to a different folder to see the effect. If you have a video file with name myvideo.mp4 then rename it to

Note that this trick is for only files and not for folders. Note that the files are not hidden. They are just not shown in gallery application.

Method 4 (Using Third Party Applications) :

Third method is to hide files and folders using third party applications. There are lots of android apps available in Play Store which are used to hide files and folders with a password. You can use them if you want a full protection and if you are afraid that the above tricks might be known to others and they can view your files.

You can download your favorite folder locking application from play store by clicking the below link :

Folder Lock Applications on Play Store

You can follow any of the above four methods to hide your files and folders in android phone.

Note :

1. If you see the hidden files in gallery after following the above method, Just move the folder to other location and then move it back to the same location.

2. In the third method, use any extension that is not recognised by your device.

Hope you liked the trick. If you find it useful, please like it and share it on your social networks.


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  1. many much thanks for these usefull tricks ..

    method 1 and 3 works fine like a charm , method 2 gives error in my z1 ( kit kat 4.4.4).

    for video files i just use .rmvb which is actually a video format but cant recognize by android ..

    for pics , method 1 is awsome, make a folder with Dot “.” . and works great ,, thanks sir for usefull thing

  2. Hi,
    I have tried many third party apps for hiding videos. All applications moves the data in to phone memory after hiding. I have got to hide 2 gb videos! Please let me know if there is any way to keep the hidden data on sd card.
    Thanks in advance

    1. the reason the files gets moved to phone memory is you have installed the application in phone memory. Try to install the app in sd card or move the installed app to sd card using applications like app2sd etc. And then try. Or you can follow the above methods.

  3. Hi
    Im Using SAMSUNG GALAXY A7 the problem is i have tried many file and folder lock apps from google play store but non of the apps worked out as it don’t read or have access to sd

  4. Accidentally renamed a folder “.nomedia”. The folder has now disappeared and there were files in that folder. I shouldve been more careful. I cannot find the it anywhere in the file explorer but the images are still showing up in the gallery. I can open them up but cannot share them.
    Is there anyway to recover the files?

    1. install x-plore and in the settings of xplore select to show hidden files and dot files. Then go to the path where you renamed the folder. you will see the .nomedia folder. check if that is the folder you renamed and then rename it back to the original folder name. hope this helps. also please read the post again. i told not to rename the folder. but to create a file called .nomedia in the folder.

  5. M using Lenovo tablet whn m changing the name of the folder as you said but its showing folder name must start with character or number..
    So plz can you help me how to do it?

  6. Thanks for the info. I downloaded applications, but they shift files to phone memory. Are there any applications that will retain the files in sd card itself. Will help save phone memory. Thanks

    1. the reason they are shifted to phone memory is because the app might be installed on phone memory. So, install the app on sd card. Hope this will solve the issue.

  7. I do agree with all the concepts you’ve introduced in your post.
    They’re really convincing and can definitely work.

    Still, the posts are very brief for newbies. Could you please prolong
    them a bit from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

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