Hide Partitions In Windows Using Command Prompt

There may be times when you want to hide your partitions, secret files or documents from others. Hiding a partition is a good idea when you want to prevent others to access your folders in a particular drive. You may search on internet, how to hide partitions. In this process you will find hundred of software to do the same task. But have you ever wanted to hide partitions without the need of any software? If yes, then you are going to learn this in the next few minutes.

Today I am going to show you how you can hide partitions or drives without any software. We will do this with the help of command prompt. Windows has a built in Disk Partitioning Program called DiskPart.

Before we hide any partitions, first check out the number of partitions on your computer. As you can see from the below screenshot, I have three partitions namely C, D and E. Drive F is registered for DVD Drive. So there are three local drives on my computer.

Hide Partitions Using Command Prompt
Hide Partitions Using Command Prompt

How To Hide Partition

First open command prompt. You can do this by pressing Windows Key plus R Key on keyboard. It will open Run dialog box. Now Type CMD and press Enter.

Command Prompt Window will open.

Type DISKPART and press Enter.Then type LIST VOLUME.

Now you will see list of all drives present on your computer.

Hide Partitions Using Command Prompt
Hide Partitions Using Command Prompt

As you can see the partitions or the drives are displayed as Volumes. The second column shows the volume number and third column will show the volume letter. For hiding a drive we must consider the volume number. So if I want to hide Drive E, check its corresponding drive number. Its Volume 3.

Now to hide volume 3 first we must select it. So type SELECT VOLUME 3

Then to hide it, just type REMOVE LETTER E

That’s it. You have successfully hidden your drive.  Note that now the drive E will not be accessible in windows explorer or any other programs. Check the below screenshot, there is no drive E showing in My Computer.

Hide Partitions Using Command Prompt
Hide Partitions Using Command Prompt

How To Unhide Partition

If you want to unhide this partition, just type ASSIGN LETTER E

Now go to My Computer and check again. Drive E is visible now.

In my coming posts, I will show you how to hide partitions using other methods.

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