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How to Access TikTok & Download Your Videos

Last month, on the 29th of June, the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps including TikTok, UC Browser, Helo, Like, CamScanner, and many other apps. All the 59 apps have also been removed from Google Play Store to avoid fresh downloads. This step has been taken due to the ongoing tensions between Indian and China. The ban of the apps was in the interest of national security. Millions of Indian users have uploaded videos on TikTok but due to this ban, they are not able to open or download the TikTok app and recover their videos. This post shows you how you can access TikTok and download your videos.

Disclaimer: I fully support the Indian government’s decision to ban Chinese apps. The main purpose of this post is to show how someone can download their videos from their TikTok profile if they did not have a backup of their videos.

Before you proceed with any of the steps below, you will require a VPN app. Download and Install a VPN on your phone.

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Method 1

  1. Open Play Store. Download and install ‘SnapTik’ or ‘MusicallyDown’
  2. Open VPN app and connect to any country (except India)
  3. Once connected, open any browser and navigate to
  4. Enter the URL of your TikTok profile (in the format
  5. Tap on any video that you want to download and tap on the Share icon.
  1. Now press on ‘Copy Link’
  1. Open SnapTik or MusicallyDown app and paste the link as shown below and click on Download.
  1. Select the option ‘Download Video (No Watermark)’.
  2. That’s it. Your TikTok video will be downloaded without any watermark.

Method 2

If you do not want to download any third-party app to download TikTok videos, you can always use online tools that serve the same purpose. Here we will use the ‘’ or ‘’ service which is very popular for downloading TikTok videos.

  1. Follow steps from 2 to 6 from method one above.
  2. Now navigate to ‘’ or
  3. Paste the copied link in the provided field.
  4. Click Download.

That’s it. Your TikTok video will be downloaded without any watermark.

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