How to Call from A Private Number for Free

Have you ever thought to make calls from a private number? Have you ever wanted to prank your friend by calling him from a private number? Here I bring you an amazing trick on how to call from a private number. This trick will let you call from a private number. This trick will allow you to call from an unknown number for free. The trick is working fine in India (not sure about other countries).

The trick was originally founded by an Indian Youtuber called Md. Ainain.

Disclaimer :

This trick is very simple and not known to most of the people. So, you can easily fool your friend and play a prank on them. But I request everyone not to trouble anyone by calling from this number. We are not responsible for anything if this trick is used in a wrong way. This trick is completely for educational purpose.

How to Call From A Private Number for Free :

  • Call the below number

[sociallocker id=”1396″] 02241535555[/sociallocker]

  • When you call the above number, an automated voice will welcome you.
  • Once the call gets connected, just ignore the welcome voice and immediately dial the number that you want to call.
  • Wait for some time (around 10 seconds)
  • Voila! You will hear the tone of the number that you have dialed and the call gets connected.
  • Enjoy calling your friend with an unknown number.

Important Points :

  • Calls to the above-mentioned number are chargeable. So try calling from Jio number or free plan.
  • You have to call your friend’s number while still on the call to the mentioned number.
  • Your friend will see the same number from which you have called.

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