How to Create WhatsApp Business Account

Features and How to Get Invite for WhatsApp Business Account

We have been hearing from a long time about the news of whatsapp launching its business version. A month ago, whatsapp has officially launched its whatsapp business app. It is made on top of whatsapp messenger and hence it is similar to whatsapp with some additional features. The icon is same as whatsapp but the phone icon is replaced with a big letter B to represent that it is for business. In this post I will share the additional features in whatsapp business and also tell you how to create whatsapp business account. Read the complete post to know how to get invite for whatsapp business account. I will also share the link to download whatsapp business account apk file.

Features of WhatsApp Business Account :

  • Use whatsapp business account along with your personal whatsapp account. That means you can have two whatsapp accounts simultaneously.
  • WhatsApp Business is mainly focused for business. It has Statistic feature which will give you analytics of your messages, like how many messages have been sent, delivered and read. This feature is very basic but we hope whatsapp will add more metrics.
  • WhatsApp Business also has a auto response feature which will auto reply to pre-defined messages.
  • You can easily migrate your chat from your old whatsapp account if you are converting from an existing account to a business account.
  • Easily set your business profile in whatsapp. You can add your website name, address, brand image etc. These information will be very helpful for your customers.
  • The very interesting feature that I like is that whatsapp has added the ability to register whatsapp account with a landline number.

How to Create WhatsApp Business Account :

WhatsApp Business is available to download from apkmirror. But you might not be able to install it until you follow the below two steps :

1. As of now whatsapp business is in beta testing so only beta testers will be able to see it in play store. You can read our post below on how to register for whatsapp beta.

Register for WhatsApp Beta

2. Once you are a beta tester you can register whatsapp for your business from below link by filling an online survey from whatsapp. If you are lucky enough then you will be invited to join whatsapp business.

Join WhatsApp Business

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