How to Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp

Since last year, WhatsApp has been dropping hints of the upcoming dark theme for its messenger. Finally after months of waiting, dark mode is available for whatsapp beta users. Very soon, it will also be available globally for its stable versions. This post is about how to enable dark mode in whatsapp.

If you are not a WhatsApp beta user, then follow the below post on how to join beta program of whatsapp and become a beta tester.

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If you are already a beta user of WhatsApp then proceed with the following steps.

How to Enable Dark Mode in WhatsApp


Step 1 : Tap the three vertical dots at the top right corner and select ‘Settings

Step 2 : Now tap on ‘Chats

Step 3 : Then select ‘Themes

Step 4 : Here choose ‘Dark‘ option.

That’s it. You have successfully enabled dark theme in WhatsApp. The dark theme changes every color in app’s UI to dark gray, but it’s not completely black. The greens remain the same. White’s are changed to dark gray and black font has been changed to white. But still, it’s a welcome change. Hope the dark theme is rolled out to stable versions pretty soon too.


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