How to Turn On Incognito Mode in Youtube

You might have used Incognito mode in browsers, but do you know there is an incognito mode in Youtube? Yes, Incognito mode in youtube allows you to watch all kinds of videos without leaving any trace in browsing history or in search. This post will show you how to turn on Incognito mode in youtube.

Sometimes it becomes difficult when you want to watch certain controversial videos and they appear in search and history. This problem is common when the same account is used for the whole family or a group of people. Though Youtube may be powered by Artificial Intelligence, it does not differentiate between what we watch for fun, what we watch because someone recommends. In these situations, this trick is very useful.

Once the Incognito mode is on, the youtube-icon shows the incognito symbol and a black bar at the bottom reads ‘You’re incognito’.

Please note that watching videos in incognito doesn’t hide your activity from Google or your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

How to Turn on Incognito Mode in Youtube

  • Tap on the ‘Account‘ icon on the top right corner of the youtube’s home page.
  • Right above settings, you will see the option ‘Turn on Incognito’. Tap on it.
  • The Account icon changes to ‘Incognito’ detective icon.
  • To turn off the ‘Incognito Mode’ again tap on ‘Incognito’ icon and click ‘Turn off Incognito’.

While Incognito is a very good feature, it has some drawbacks. You cannot watch age-restricted content in incognito as it requires signing in. Once you sign in, the whole purpose of incognito becomes useless. Let us know in comments how useful incognito mode is for you.

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