Inbox vs Gmail? Which is Better?

If you have a gmail account, then most probably till now you might be using the Gmail app or the stock application that comes with your android. Google has come up with a new email application called as Inbox. It has got some new features which were missing in Gmail app. But still there arises a question that which is better? The Gmail or The Inbox? At the end of the post, you decide yourself which one you are going to choose.

Inbox vs Gmail? Which is Better?
Inbox vs Gmail? Which is Better?

Inbox’s initial release was launched in October 2014, when it was made to access on an invite basis. Later in the previous month, it was made open for everyone to use without any invitations. Now, there has been updates with the later version. The Inbox features can also be enjoyed on any device by visiting to link  :

So, what’s new in Inbox. Below are the features that are pretty awesome which makes Inbox better than Gmail :

New Design :

Technically, the Inbox is same as Gmail, but the design and look has changed. The interface has received a new stylish design which is better than the classic Gmail look.

Bundled Emails :

When you launch Inbox for the first time, it bundles all your similar emails into categories like Promotions, Forums, Purchases, Updates etc. All the emails which are related to your purchases are bundled into one category. With this bundled emails feature, you can handle your email in a very convenient manner. You can deal with them together. You can delete them , mark them as read all at once.

Inbox vs Gmail? Which is Better?
Inbox vs Gmail? Which is Better?

Snooze Emails :

This is the most favourite feature which I use a lot. You can snooze an email if you are busy in some work and deal with it later. When I am busy in office and receive an important email which I cannot read at that time and at the same time cannot ignore it, what I do is snooze it to a specified time, when I would be probably free. The email then arrives at that time again to your inbox.

Swipe to Delete & Snooze :

Another handy feature included in Inbox is swipe feature. You can just swipe an email to right to delete it. Similarly, swipe it to left to snooze an email to a specified time.

Glance View :

Save time while dealing with emails. This feature lets you to have a glance of your email content without even opening it. If your email contains images attached in it. Then you need not open the email to view the photos. All the images are displayed as thumbnails under the subject of your email. If your email is related to a purchase, then the details like name of the product with image, price of the product , expected delivery date of your order can be viewed without opening the email.

Inbox vs Gmail? Which is Better?
Inbox vs Gmail? Which is Better?

Pin Your Emails :

For users, who regularly send and receive emails, it becomes important to keep records of some emails. For example, when I pay my internet bills, electricity bills I like to keep them for my reference. Inbox has a feature to pin an email. If there is an email which you feel is important, then you can just pin it. You can then view all your pinned emails just by clicking the pinned email option at the top right hand side of your app.

Inbox vs Gmail? Which is Better?
Inbox vs Gmail? Which is Better?

Set Reminders :

You can create reminders right inside your Inbox app. Set reminders to call someone from your phonebook, to meet someone, to email someone etc. You can set date and time, and Inbox reminds you by sending an email. Inbox also syncs with your Google Reminder, Google Calendar app and Keep app (to save notes). So, you can deal with multiple google apps in a single Inbox application.

Inbox vs Gmail? Which is Better?
Inbox vs Gmail? Which is Better?


Inbox vs Gmail? Which is Better?
Inbox vs Gmail? Which is Better?

Undo a Sent Email :

This is the best feature which I like the most. You can undo a sent email. If you send an email and then remember that you forgot to include something in the email, forgot to attach a file, or sent it to a wrong person, then you always have an option to Recall the sent email. You can recall the email only if its not delivered to the recipient’s inbox and he has not read the email.

There are also some more features which I am not going into detail. Like you can scroll down to the bottom of an email and swipe it down hard to get back to the folder again. Another feature is create your own bundles by adding particular email address and all the emails from that particular address will be bundled together.

So, at the end I feel Inbox is worth trying as there are some features which are not available in Gmail. But if you still like Gmail, you can stick with it. Remember that Inbox is not an update of Gmail. Inbox and Gmail are two separate applications. So you can use both of them to get the benefits of both. But I strongly recommend to use Inbox as it might be the future of email, as google states. Why not go along with the current technology and experience all the new things that comes in your way to stay updated. So, Happy Inboxing 🙂


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