How to Join WhatsApp Beta to Test New Features

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WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging platform in the world. It is a known fact that whatsapp has been introducing many features. Most of the features, when they are released, are not rolled out to everyone. It is first rolled out to testers who can test the new features and report the bugs to whatsapp. If you are excited to test the new features of whatsapp before everyone then you can join whatsapp beta program.

Once you join the whatsapp beta program, you would be able to test new features. Any new feature released by whatsapp will be first rolled out to you. WhatsApp beta program is available for all platforms : Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Follow the below procedure to join whatsapp beta program.

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How to Join WhatsApp Beta on Android :

  1. Visit the whatsapp beta program link for android from HERE.
  2. Sign Up and Join the WhatsApp Beta Program.
  3. Once you are joined, update your whatsapp and beta version will be installed.

Alternate Method to Join WhatsApp Beta on Android :

  1. You can also open play store and search for whatsapp.
  2. Scroll down to the end of the page until you see a link to become a beta tester.
  3. Click on “I’m In”.
  4. It might take a few minutes or even hours for the sign up process. After that you will be able to test WhatsApp’s new features.

WhatsApp Beta Program is Full?

There are so many developers and testers who want to try the beta versions of different apps. At some time, the beta program for whatsapp might stop due to so many users already signed up for it. In that case, you can download the WhatsApp Beta APK and indirectly join the program. Below is the search link from APKmirror. Find the latest version of whatsapp beta and install the APK manually on your phone to join whatsapp beta program.

WhatsApp Beta APK

How to Join WhatsApp Beta on Windows Phone :

  1. Unlike the above process to install whatsapp beta on android, the procedure for installing whatsapp beta on windows phone is very simple.
  2. There is no need to register for the programme.
  3. Just Visit the WhatsApp Beta for Windows from HERE.
  4. Now you have whatsapp beta on your windows phone.

How to Join WhatsApp Beta on iOS :

  1. The procedure to join whatsapp beta on iOS is much complicated and requires a Jailbroken iPhone device.
  2. If you don’t have a jailbroken iPhone then you are out of your luck to test whatsapp beta.
  3. Open Cydia Repository and add the source :cydia.angelxwind.net/
  4. Once this is finished, install ‘AppSync Unified’ from the installed source.
  5. Reboot the iPhone.
  6. Now open this link from Safari browser : dev2.whatsapp.net/ios/WhatsApp/ 
  7. Click ‘Tap here to Install’.
  8. Now you have WhatsApp beta on your iOS device.

How to Leave WhatsApp Beta Programme :

  1. To leave the whatsapp beta on android, Visit HERE and click ‘Leave the programme’.
  2. Windows and iOS users can just uninstall the beta version and install the regular version of whatsapp.

[highlight color=”orange”]⁠ ⁠ Important Points :⁠ ⁠ [/highlight]

  1. Please note that whatsapp beta version is unstable and might have bugs.
  2. We do not recommend iOS users to jailbreak their device. Proceed with caution.

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