Why Macs are better than Windows PC?

Before I Start with this post, let me make two things very clear. Firstly, the comparison I am going to make here is not between the Mac OS and Windows OS. This post is the comparison between an Apple Mac Laptop/Computers and normal Windows Laptops/Computers (like HP, Dell, Sony, Lenovo, etc). Secondly, I have no intentions to start a comment-war on which is better? It is purely my opinion on what I felt was better. Your opinions may change. And you are welcome to share your opinions in comments.

After using a Windows PC from almost 10 years, I had plans to buy a laptop for myself. I was very confused on what to choose, a windows laptop or an apple’s macbook. After doing a lot of research, on the first day of this year (2015), I finally bought my first Apple Macbook (Its a 2012 model Non-Retina Macbook Pro Laptop). I am now completely satisfied with my decision, because I got the best.

After my 10 days of usage, I found some features in Apple MacBooks which makes it stand out from the normal windows laptop. At first, you may feel quite difficult to use it, but Once you get used to apple mac os, you never want to go back to windows. So, Below I list some features of Apple MacBooks :

Why Macs Are Better Than Windows PC :

Better Interface :

Where windows made the OS a little complicated, apple made it very easy to use and interactive. Dock at the bottom of the screen contains all your frequently used apps. You just pin any app there and launch it from there at anytime without minimizing your active windows. In windows if there are lot of icons on your desktop it looks ugly but mac allows you to have multiple desktops to arrange your icons accordingly. There are lots of tiny features which makes its interface beautiful.

Security :

When it comes to security, your computer is always at high risk from viruses, malware, trojans etc. You won’t believe but there is no need to install any anti virus on your macbook, as it is very secured from any type of viruses. You don’t have to slow down your system by installing anti virus and you are also freed from paying yearly subscription fees to the antivirus vendors.

Good Quality Hardware :

When you just hold an apple’s mac, you will yourself feel the difference. The body is made up of hard aluminium and has no chance of cracks or break down, whereas normal laptops are generally made up of plastic type of material which is easily breakable. The LED screens on apple macs are pure. I mean, when you view the screen from any angle you won’t lose the quality of screen. With Retina displays introduced with past 2012 models, you have less impact on your eyes.

Software Availability :

Before buying a mac, I was afraid I would not be able to find my favorite windows softwares on mac. But believe there is no such software which you find in windows and cannot find the same in mac. To give some examples, I use productivity softwares like After Effects, Camtasia, Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Office etc. All these high end softwares are in mac too. If you someday make your mind to buy Macbook and along with that you are a die hard fan of Windows softwares, then you have softwares which can run Windows on your Mac. There are softwares like Parallels which allows you to run Mac OS and Windows 7 side by side. You can switch between them with just a swipe of finger. Another software called WinOnX allows you to run windows softwares on Mac environment. So, there is no chances of missing any of your favorite applications.

No Bloatware/Crappy Apps :

Apple does not share its OS X licence with other manufacturers, and hence there are no bloatwares. As you might have noticed in windows, every few minutes you get notifications to install these and that. And with every freeware, you find some ads hidden to annoy you. There is no such things with mac apps. Apple comes out of the box with all the helpful applications preinstalled. For example, you don’t have to install MS-Office and waste your system resources. Mac comes preinstalled with apps like Pages, Numbers and Keynote which does all the job of Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Free Updates :

For Apple, you don’t have to pay anything now to update your mac to latest version. Previously apple use to charge few dollars to upgrade your mac to latest version but now everything has changed. Mavericks OS X was the first one to be made free to upgrade and the same will continue now on. In Apple Mac, Updating your computer is very easy. With just one click and one restart you are updated to latest releases.

Better Battery Backup :

As Apple uses quality hardware, each part gives its best. One among them is the battery. Where average battery backup of a normal windows laptop is 3-4 hours maximum, apple’s macbooks gives you an average of 5-6 hours of backup. When a test was made, Apple’s Macbook Pro 13 Inch gave upto 10 Hours 27 minutes of battery backup, whereas the closest windows machine with this score was Lenovo’s Yoga Pro 2 which has fallen short of 3 hours at a battery backup of 7 Hours 10 minutes. This test was made with HD Video Playback with 75% brightness and Wifi-Off.

No Heating :

I used some windows laptops and within the first hour the laptop gets heated and it becomes very hard to keep it on the lap for a long time. This does not happen in Apple Laptops. Even with continuos use of 5 to 6 hours I did not feel it heated.

TrackPad :

The Trackpad that comes with Apple’s laptop is not just a TrackPad. It has many functionalities. Where windows introduced screen touch laptops, apple kept it dedicated to keyboard and mouse input. But the apple’s trackpad has features that does not match with any windows trackpad. You can just swipe your fingers to swipe the screens. Swipe down and up to scroll. Pinch to zoom in and out. It supports upto 5 Point touch on its trackpad.

There are many features to be included but I tried to cover the important ones. Just to remind you again, this was my personal opinion on macs and windows. You can share your opinions below in the comments.

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