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Are you a facebook addict? How many Facebook pages do you have? Facebook is a very popular and the most used social networking website. It is a social network that connects people all around the world. There are many tricks related to Facebook. Today I am going to share a trick by which you can create a facebook page without a name. Though I do not recommend this trick because making a facebook page without a name is not good from a marketing point of view. If people do not see a name, they will definitely not join it. But you can try this trick for fun.

Coming to the trick, below is the procedure :

Before trying the trick, you can check it live. I made one of my facebook pages without a name. CLICK HERE

Follow the below steps:

1. To create a nameless Facebook page, first, you need to create a facebook fan page. You can do this by clicking HERE

2. Choose a category for your Facebook page. For example, select ENTERTAINMENT or ORGANISATION. Then again choose sub category and in the name field enter the code inside the brackets. You have to just copy the space inside the brackets. Don’t copy brackets.

[? ????]


3. Then click I agree to Facebook Terms and click Get Started.

Hey, you have successfully created a Facebook page without a name. Note that you can also rename your old facebook pages by using this trick. Impress your friends using this trick. Enjoy…

[highlight color=”orange”] UPDATE : [/highlight]

Facebook is currently not allowing invisible characters. We will find out the trick to create a nameless facebook page. Till then you can read our below  Facebook tricks :

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